Mission & Core Values


MIssion Statement

Inspire, educate, and equip for excellence in swimming and life.

Core Values

Integrity- We do what we say we are going to do.  We operate on a basis of mutual trust and respect.  The coaching staff will interact with athletes and individuals who act with honesty and integrity.  Parents trust the coaching staff to act in the best interest of the team and its athletes.  Athletes will place honesty above all else when interacting with coaches, teammates, and parents.

Family-We are a family that comes together around the sport of swimming.  We support each other in both success and failure.  Every individual has an important role to play.  We respect teammates, opponents, parents, coaches, and officials.  We represent Foxjets Swim Team in all that we do and act accordingly as a responsible members of the swimming community.

Attitude- We are passionate about the sport of swimming. We are intensely focused on excellence through repetition, hard work, discipline, and positive attitude. A positive attitude is the only acceptable one.    We encourage and embrace risk-taking and as a result learn to handle both success and failure with confidence and grace. We realize that through commitment to a common purpose anything is possible.

Ambition-We set extremely high goals and work hard to achieve them.  Our athletes understand that ambition without resilience and perseverance is only wishing.   We strive for the highest level of personal achievement and recognize those athletes who attain high standards.  We do ordinary things extraordinarily well.

Foxjets Swim Team
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