Foxjet State Records

Minnesota Swimming State Records are a high honor. These records have been in existence for nearly 50 years. Minnesota Swimming updates these records periodically throughout the year. As new records are updated, this page will be updated as well. The following Foxjets have been (or currently are) Minnesota Swimming State Record Holders:

Last Update:  August 19, 2017

10/Under Girls 10/Under Boys
Jennie Novak Kris Humphries
  Griffin Back
  Miles Dunn
  Ari Conati
  William Green
  11-12 Girls   11-12 Boys
Trina Radke Chris Baker
Olivia McNeely Griffin Back
  Madeleine Eden  Miles Dunn
Katia Soudakova  
13-14 Girls 13-14 Boys
Katy Dooley Chris Baker
Alex Yaeger   Neal Kennedy
Madeleine Eden Joshua Withers
Zoya Wahlstrom Dolan Craine
Annelise Kowalsky Nick Tullemans
Nikki Larson Joe Guggisberg
Ellie Suek  
Caley Oquist  
15-16 Girls 15-16 Boys
Katie Braun David Ni
  Mark Solfelt
  Neal Kennedy
  Joshua Withers
17-18 Girls   17-18 Boys
Kirsten Wengler Mark Solfelt
Susan Rapp Neal Kennedy
Kaela Humphries Curt Carlson
Alicia Jensen Philip Greenberg
Megan Braun Mathieu Crees
Ellen Suek Drew Johnson
  Chris Satterthwaite
  Ryan O’Shaughnessy
  Richard Dunham
  Jonathan Lieberman
  Senior Women Senior Men 
Kirsten Wengler Art Griffith
Susan Rapp Mark Spindler
Alicia Jensen Michael Bergstrom
Megan Braun Drew Johnson
Ellen Suek Chris Satterthwaite
  Richard Dunham
  Tim Satterthwaite
  Jonathan Lieberman