Meet Schedule



To sign up for a meet, access the Meets/Events page

The coaching staff will review/finalize your individual event selections and select the relays.
Coaching staff have the final decision regarding entries.


The coaching staff determines the meet schedule and reserves the right to make the final decision concerning which meets Foxjet swimmers may attend.  Please review the schedule above at the start of the season, to start planning which meets your athlete will attend. If you have questions as to which meets are appropriate for your swimmer, please contact your coach.

The meet schedule has been established with the expectation that swimmers will attend every meet available at their classification level. Swimmers at the Red Group level and Age Group Bronze level who aspire to move to the next higher group are asked to participate in meets to demonstrate their skills and experience (at more than just practices). Additionally, swimmers may choose to enter only one day of a multi-day meet. For swimmers trying their first meet, the C/Pre-C meets offer a great low-stress, instructional opportunity (with fewer teams and short sessions).

Foxjets Swim Team encourages all team members to compete once every three to six weeks, as ability dictates. The schedule is selected based on that premise. This allows swimmers enough time between competition to sufficiently develop new skills and master old ones. Occasionally, meets of a similar classification are scheduled as close as two weeks apart or as far as five weeks apart. This happens when available meets offer no other alternative.