Training Groups

The links below have details about each group. Note that the coaching staff reserves the discretion to place swimmers in groups based upon factors other than those listed in the descriptions. Moves between groups require three items:

1.  Correct Age
2.  Skills and Training Pace Capabilities
3.  Commitment Level for all National Groups (both Senior & Age Group)
4.  Recommendation of the Current Coach

ISM School Program - K-5 students attending ISM

MINIFOX - new 8/Unders

RED GROUP 1 - 8/Unders with some skills

RED GROUP 2 - 8/Unders with more skills

RED GROUP 3 - 8/Unders with highly-developed skills

AGE GROUP PREP 1 - new swimmers age 9-12 with a few skills

AGE GROUP PREP 2 - new swimmers age 9-13 with more skills

AGE GROUP BRONZE 1 - developing 9-10

AGE GROUP BRONZE 2 - developing 11-13

AGE GROUP SILVER 1 - advanced 9-10

AGE GROUP SILVER 2 - advanced 11-13

NATIONAL AGE GROUP - advanced/elite 13-14 

SENIOR PREP - developing 13/Older

SENIOR - experienced 13/Older

NATIONAL SENIOR PREP - advanced 15/Older

NATIONAL SENIOR - elite 15/Older

MASTERS - adults 19/Older, wide range of ability, wide range of age!