Racing Requirements


USSC Athlete Racing Requirements

(Updated 4/2021)


USSC is a COMPETITIVE swimming program serving Oakland and Macomb counties.  As an organization, we have grown tremendously.   As we move forward, it is our goal to become more competitive as a team, not only within the state of Michigan, but within the Midwest and in our Nation.  In order to move our TEAM forward, the USSC Coaching Staff has identified a need for consistent racing over the course of each season.  Swim meets provide our athletes the opportunity to receive feedback on skills they have learned in practice, as well as providing the athlete the opportunity to set and achieve goals!  USSC will be offering athletes approximately two meets per month in the months of October, November, December, January and February, May, June and July.  The majority of our meets will take place in Oakland and Macomb Counties.  A full schedule of meets will be provided to all families in early September (Sept-March) and again in April (May-July), with a variety of opportunities for our athletes to race! 

In order to address the need for consistent racing within our organization, we will be implementing a MEET SESSION REQUIREMENT for each group.  Please see the requirements below:

Novice 1: MCSL Meets.  USA meets as directed by your coach (approximately 1 session per month)
Novice 2: MCSL Meets.  USA meets 1-2 sessions per month.
Intermediate 1 and 2: MCSL Meets.  Minimum of 2 meet sessions per month
Junior: MCSL Meets.  Minimum of 3 meet sessions per month
Age Group 1: Minimum of 3 meet sessions per month
Age Group 2: Minimum of 4 meet sessions per month (or as directed by your coach)
Senior Silver: Minimum of 4 meet sessions per month
Senior White: Minimum of 2 meet sessions per month
Senior Blue:  All sessions of swim meets designated on the Senior schedule (approximately 3-6 per month)

Additionally, every athlete will be expected to attend their designated season ending Championship Meet in March and July/August.

We appreciate everyone’s commitment to follow the above requirements for this season.  Should your family have an issue fulfilling your requirement for a specific month, please notify your lead coach.  Swimmers who do not attend their required sessions for two months may be asked to move to a group with lower commitment level and/or may not be invited to return to the team for future seasons.  We want to see your child succeed!  Please join us by making the commitment to support your athlete’s chosen sport!

Coach Erica Thomas