Committee Descriptions

The following standing committees have been established by the Board of the Bozeman Barracuda Swimming Club. These committees, the committee members, and the assigned tasks may vary or change from time to time. Committees shall elect a Chairperson who shall lead the Committee efforts and be the liaison with the Board of Directors.  One week prior to the scheduled Board of Directors meeting, Committee Chairpersons shall submit to the Board Secretary a brief summary of Committee activities.  Committee Chairpersons shall request time with the Board of Directors in the event activities or recommendations cannot be adequately addressed via written summary. These requests shall be done through the Board President.  

Committee and/or Committee Chairpersons are not authorized to spend funds or commit the Bozeman Barracuda Swimming Club to contract terms or debt, without approval of the Board of Directors or otherwise consistent with Club By-Laws.  

Personnel: Matt Yovich: Email, Ted Osterloth: Email, and Sarah Schwendeman: Email

The Personnel Committee is tasked with fostering a positive relationship with Club employees (coaches).  The committee organizes, manages and performs the employee evaluation process and deals with employee performance issues and complaints per club policy.  The committee is comprised of the Head Coach, Club President and one additional Board member, typically the Vice President.  


The Events Committee is tasked with coordinating local events that provide opportunities to Bozeman Swimmers and other USA Swimming members.  This committee will work with authorized coordinators to ensure that events run smoothly and adhere to USA Swimming rules and serve the swimmers in attendance.  Events could be camps, clinics, guest speakers or educational events.  

Finance: Sara Schwendeman: Email and Lon Huckert: Email

The Finance Committee works with the Club Treasurer to evaluate club fiscal conditions and performance and recommend draft budgets and capital improvements plans to the Board.  The Treasurer shall be a member of this committee.

Meets: Matt Yovich: Email and Sara Gram: Email

The Meets Committee works with the Head Coach to evaluate the seasonal swim meet schedule and recommends a meet schedule to the Board for approval each season.  The Meet Committee also works with the Meet Director for any home meets to make sure that meet setup and operation is scheduled, staffed and implemented appropriately. The Meet Committee also serves as a clearinghouse for information (team hotel, coordinated travel and/or gatherings, etc.) and team activities for away meets.

Fundraising: Nate Card: Email

The Fundraising Committee plans and oversees the implementation of all fundraising activities including Swim-a-Thon, meet programs (and associated ads), and scrip as well as any other direct fundraising efforts.  Typically, committee members will include one person in charge of each major fundraising program.  

Social: Brent Brandmayr: Email

The Social Committee plans and implements club social functions and gatherings such as annual 'Cuda Awards", etc. This committee should comprise and athlete member to help with coordination of Triple Impact Competitor events and athlete socials.

Bulletin Board: Kyle Harris: Email

The Bulletin Board Committee is tasked with the upkeep and update of the club bulletin board at the swim center. the bulletin board is used to promote team unity, provide contact information for Coaches and Board President, celebrate athlete, coach and volunteer efforts and other appropriate items. 

Media: Lon Huckert: Email and Matt Yovich: Email

The Media Committee is responsible for fostering a relationship with local media outlets and providing information to the media for public dissemination of club activities, results and human interest stories.  At a minimum, meet results from home meets and other championship meets should be provided to local media.  Special events, such as collegiate letters of intent signing celebrations, or other news that requires time from practice need to be coordinated with the Head Coach. 

Registration/Withdrawal Review: Matt Yovich: Email, and Sarah Scwendeman: Email

The Registration/Withdrawal Review Committee oversees and implements activities associated with the club's registration/withdrawal policies.  The Treasurer or member from the Finance Committee should be on this committee for a financial perspective.  

Resources: Matt Yovich: Email, and Lon Huckert: Email

The Resources Committee is tasked with planning, evaluating, monitoring and obtaining the physical resources required for efficient operation of training and meets.  This includes negotiation and securing of appropriate pool rent, replacement or provision of new practice equipment (kick boards, pull buoys, fins, stroke technique aids, drag chutes, etc.), working with Swim Center staff, as appropriate, to coordinate replacement or provision of new software, equipment, and/or hardware to operate practices or swim meets (starting equipment, starting blocks, lane lines, scoreboard, backstroke flags and wedges, etc.)  The Head Coach should be a member of this committee to help with pool rental and equipment needs.  

By-Laws: Ted Osterloth: Email and Matt Yovich: Email

The By-Laws Committee is tasked with at least annual review of the By-Laws and development/recommendation of any suggested changes to the Board of Directors.  In the event the Board of Directors approves a process to change the club By-Laws, the By-Laws Committee will manage and coordinate the process of developing the changes, receiving Board approval, and presentation to/voting of the Members for adoption of the changes. 

FAST FundsMatt Yovich: Email, and Sarah Schwendeman: Email

The FAST Funds Committee will receive and evaluate applications and/or request for financial assistance from the FAST fund and make recommendations to the Board of Directors for the budgeting and or use of those funds for specific financial assistance.  Committee members will consider needs for increased investments as funds are used.

Social Media: Megan Belasco: Email

The Social Media Committee manages, oversees and implements club communications and member information sharing via social media in accordance with club policy and USA Swimming Safe Sport rules and best practices.

Development Zone: Sarah Brechbuhler: Email

The PCA Committee will oversee and manage the implementation of the training, activities and ongoing culture development of the Club's partnership with the PCA program and organization.  The PCA Committee will be the 'culture keepers' and will work with parents, athletes, coaches and team leadership to implement the club's PCA program.  

Sponsorship/Marketing: Matt Yovich: Email, Brent Brandmayr: Email, and Sara Gram: Email

Safe Sport: Brenda Huckert: Email