Scholarships/Financial Assistance

Our Team is dedicated to our Community.  We strive to help families in need become a part of our team.  If you have a financial need and would like to request financial aid, please view the following documents and submit your request to any of the Board of Directors.  Scholarships are discussed in a "closed session" at the board meeting after your form is submitted.  Board of Directors meets 1 time per month, most often on the first Thursday of the month.

Scholarship and Financial Aid

The Bozeman Barracudas, Montana Swimming (MT-S) and USA Swimming have different kinds of scholarship/financial aid opportunities available for swimmers. Accompanying scholarship forms and requirements are available on our team website. Scholarship opportunities are available for swimmers at all levels of competition.

Bozeman Barracudas

  • The Friends of Barracudas Swimming: The Bozeman Barracuda Swim Team seeks to assure that no athlete is deprived of the opportunity to participate on the team for want of financial means. The Board of Directors will consider and award need-based scholarship for monthly dues each season. All families receiving scholarships are required to fulfill all gatherings volunteer hour requirements. Bozeman Barracuda Scholarship

  • FAST Fund: Provides financial support to families of the Bozeman Barracudas for out-of-state qualyfying meets only. Committee members work in conjunction with the Bozeman Barracudas board of directors to determine the most effective use of funds to actualize the Fund’s mission of providing financial assistance for Bozeman Barracuda athletes and families with reaching their full potential in competitive swimming. Funds awarded are to be used for expenses outside the standard operating procedures of the club. Examples of expenses include, but are not limited to travel and meet registration. Click here for PDF guidelines

Montana Swimming

  • Financial Support Nagashima Traveling Fund: Established the Nagashima family of Billings, to encourage and support MT-S athletes to compete in higher-level meets by reimbursing part of the travel costs. Reimbursement up to $200 for higher level meets such as North West Age group Championships to Olympic Trials. Reimbursement requests are to be submitted to MT-S Treasurer or General Chair.

  • Montana Athlete Support for Junior Nationals, Nationals, US Open & Olympic trials: The National travel fund was established by MT-S to encourage and support Montana Swimming athletes to compete in higher-level meets by reimbursing part of the travel costs. This fund offers reimbursement up to $300 per qualifying meet. Qualifying meets include Senior Nationals, Junior Nationals, US Open, Olympic Trials, National Disability Championships, and Nationals Disability Trials. Reimbursement requests are to be submitted to MT-S Treasurer or General Chair.

USA Swimming

• USA Swimming Outreach Program: Swimmers may register with USA Swimming for a reduced fee. Through offering an outreach membership option, USA Swimming is working with Local Swim Committees to provide swimming opportunities to economically disadvantaged youth in the United States. Supporting documentation for outreach membership eligibility will need to be submitted to the Montana LSC.