General Fundraising Information

The Short Course (Sept-March) fundraising obligation is $150 per swimmer and for Long Course (April-July) is $100.  Beginner Group swimmers and all other swimmers in their first season are responsible for 50% of the obligation ($75 in Short Course or $50 in Long Course).  The maximum obligation per family for the SC Season is $300, and Maximum for Long Course is $200.  Money raised keeps our dues lower, provides equipment, pool fees, and coaching.  Following are the opportunities available to meet this obligation.


Using Scrip couldn't be easier. You purchase gift cards for places where you plan to shop, and use those cards instead of cash or credit. Great Lakes Scrip Center sells those gift cards to the Barracuda Swim Club at a discount. You buy them for full face value and redeem the cards for full face value. Bozeman Swim Club keeps the difference as a rebate, earning a percentage of every dollar spent using the scrip gift cards. The rebate is then split 50/50 with the club and your account.  Once you have met your fundraising obligation for the season, you can then begin applying the credit to your dues!  Instead of making a fundraising company rich, we can keep that money within your organization. As an added benefit, many scrip users find that they become smarter shoppers by using the gift cards and planning ahead for every purchase.

Orders will be placed once a month.  Order forms will be distributed via e-mail or available at the Swim Center by the Bulletin Board.  

Advertising Program Details

Contact prospective businesses and explain the program with the supporting documentation. Have them fill out Advertisement sign up sheet you may pick up from the Board. Include swimmers name at the bottom before providing it to the sponsor. Suggest coupons for restaurants or discount rates for hotels to cater to out of town swimmers. The great part about Advertising is that the ad counts 100% toward your fundraising goal. After you meet your goal, 50% can be applied to your account and 50% goes to the club.  Click the link below for more information.

Information Sheet

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Bozeman Barracudas Swim-a-thon (Short Course Season Only)

Swim-a-thon is one of the primary fundraisers for our swim team. Our swimmers ask for sponsorship pledges by either the lap or flat sum to raise money for our team’s needs which include such things as equipment, pool fees, and coaching. We are a non-profit organization dedicated to the competitive sport of swimming and your help is much appreciated.  Swim-a-thon fundraising can be applied to both your Short Course and Long Course fees.

Our swimmers will be asking for sponsorships in their neighborhoods and around the community for the next weeks before the date of the swim-a-thon. We hope that you will help out. For more information concerning how to sponsor a swimmer, please contact Jane Mittelsteadt at 600-6641 or by email at

Thanks for your help.