Online Swim Practices

MAC Online Swim Practices


Each weekday during our time out of the pool we hope to cover one topic related to swimming with some short videos, questions, and additional resources to keep learning about and practicing the daily topic. We will be including various “dryland” exercises that will help strengthen a particular skill covered in the day’s topic. I am also including links to other videos and workouts related to the day’s topic.


Dolphin Kick



Back Starts

Race of the Week: 2016 Olympic Women's 200 Backstroke





Race of the Week: 2008 Olympic Men's 4x100 Free Relay

Crossover Turns

A Deeper Dive: Pullouts

Improvement Without Movement: Goal Setting

Character Lab: Grit

Race of the Week: 2018 NCAA Championships 50 Free

Open Water Swimming

A Deeper Dive: Tempo

Improvement Without Movement: Pre-Race Nerves

Character Lab: Growth Mindset

Race of the Week: 2016 Olympic 800 Free


A Deeper Dive: Stroke Count

Improvement Without Movement: Nutrition

Character Lab: Creativity

Race of the Week: 2018 NCAA 200 IM

Stories from Swimmers: Peter Richardson

A Deeper Dive: The Freestyle Breath

Improvement Without Movement: Habits

Character Lab: Proactivity

Race of the Week: 2019 World Championships 100 Breast

Stories from Swimmers: Carl Weigley

A Deeper Dive: Early Vertical Forearm

Improvement Without Movement: Sleep

Character Lab: Gratitude

Race of the Week: 2008 Olympic 400 IM

Stories from Swimmers: Coach Jay

A Deeper Dive: IM Transitions

Improvement Without Movement: Process

Character Lab: Purpose

Race of the Week: 2019 World Championships 400 Medley Relay

Stories from Swimmers: Missy Franklin

A Deeper Dive: Relay Exchanges

Improvement Without Movement: Stretching

Character Lab: Curiosity

Race of the Week: 2009 World Championships 200 Back

Stories from Swimmers: David Plummer

A Deeper Dive: Backstroke Pull

Improvement Without Movement: Deep Practice

Character Lab: Emotional Intelligence

Race of the Week: 2018 NCAA 100 Fly

Stories From Swimmers: Simone Manuel

A Deeper Dive: The Approach

Improvement Without Movement: Practice Log

Character Lab: Kindness