Training Groups

MAC Training Groups

The MAC team is comprised of several different Training Groups. Each group listed below has unique objectives and training programs based on ability. Here, you can read about each level and establish goals to prepare yourself for the next level of training.


Senior Squad

State/Sectional/National/College Level Prep.

It is my belief that the skills and conditioning obtained in competitive swimming are more rewarding if they are directed toward a specific purpose. This purpose is the swimmer’s individual goal. Goals can be in the form of:

1. Times to achieve

2. Techniques to master

3. Punctuality

4. Practicing more frequently

5. Making friends

6. Improving physical conditioning/ general health

You get the idea, the list could go on forever. Swimmers choose their goals to fit their needs, however, goals need to be important individually or they are not reflecting needs and are not very meaningful. Teammates are encouraged to help each other focus on their goals. Please remember, however, that others should not be setting your goals. Find out what your teammates goals are and help them along by directing their focus.

Coaches - Jay Friend, Morgan Zimmer


Gold Squad

State/Sectional Level Prep.

Purpose: To provide athletes with continued attention to detail on proficient swimming technique in the four competitive strokes as well as racing starts and turns.  We also provide focus on goal-setting, team atmosphere, work ethic and time management. We strive for commitment to the sport and preparation for MAC Senior program. Strong meet and relay participation, as well as a desire to succeed in competitive swimming are expected.

Guidelines:  It should be understood that all group placements are subject to coach’s discretion.

Gold 1: This group will be comprised of older/more elite gold swimmers.

Gold 2: This group will be comprised of younger/more novice gold swimmers.

**Gold Squad swimmers are strongly encouraged to purchase a workout package that contains:

  • Water Bottle (required)

  • Equipment Bag

  • Swim Snorkel (Arena, Speedo or Ylona Brand, no one-way valve)

  • Fins (Arena Power Fin Pro)

  • Finger tip Paddles (if desired talk with coach about what type)

  • Swim Journal/Log Book

  • Team Uniform

  • Nose Clip (if desired)

Training Ratio: 40% technique, 60% work per day. 2800-4000 yards/meters per practice.

Practice Frequency: Mandatory 4 practices/week. Swimmers Expected to notify coach if they will be unable to attend practice.

Drills to know:

  1. Proficient "catch up" freestyle

  2. Proficient "shotgun" backstroke

  3. Proficient "6 count switch" and "6-3-6" free and back

  4. 3 right arm/3 left arm/3 full stroke fly

  5. Sneak-a-Peek Fly

  6. 1 pull/2 kick breast

  7. All Silver and Bronze Squad drills


Coach - Mike Turner, Monica Bender


Silver Squad

Development level with a competitive team.

Goal: to provide swimmers with an opportunity to improve swimming technique and build diversity and endurance in the four competitive strokes, starts, turns, and relays. Swimmers will have opportunities to practice goal setting, team building concepts, work ethic as well as enforce proper technique in swimming.

Training Ratio: 60 – 80% technique, while building strength and endurance.  Beginning swimmers at this level will build from 800 yds to the more advanced swimmers gaining 1500 – 2500 yds in a workout.

Practice Frequency: Swimmers who are looking to advance to the next level will consistently make it to 4 practices a week, and continue to seek improvement in all areas, stroke work, race pace strategies, and dryland activities, in addition to being good role models in the practices.  Dryland activities include a variety of aerobic training, strength building appropriate to the age, as well as team-building, goal setting, and other processes to improve both the mental and physical components of swimming as a sport.

The silver squad includes a variety of ages and abilities as a developmental squad.  As such, we as coaches will work on both the basics with all swimmers as well as continue to build as the swimmer is ready – physically, cognitively and socially. The silver squad may be an entry-level squad or part of the continuation of the swimmer's development as an age group swimmer.  Having two coaches on deck allows for swimmers of differing abilities and ages to mix as well as get their own personal needs and goals met.

Skills and drills performed on the Silver Squad:

  1. Balance kicking in all four competitive strokes

  2. Breathing positions on all four strokes

  3. Wall work – including dives, turns and finishes.  At this level, the first emphasis will be legal issues, progressing to how to make walls work for you in races, and accelerate your swim by using them effectively


  1. Catch up drills to focus on both breathing, balance and timing

  2. Sculling drills to work on arm power

  3. Breathing timing, position and race proficiency

  4. Kicks – how to make them work for you

  5. Long axis drills to work on core engagement and rotation required of the stroke


  1. Long axis drills to work on core engagement and rotation required of the stroke

  2. Kicks – how to make them work for you

  3. Arm stroke work, positions of power, timing of arms

  4. Timing of stroke as it all ties together


  1. legal kick and glide, progressing to most effective kick positions for speed and efficiency

  2. arm timing with breathing, legal first, to most effective  pull for speed and efficiency

  3. timing and glide of whole stroke

  4. turns, starts and finishes


  1. body roll, push – kicks, and hand lead kick, kick on all 4 sides of body

  2. sculling work with kicks, to assist proper timing of stroke, and power phase

  3. breathing and arm work – sneak a peek, one arm,  SA combo drills, race pace strategies

  4. starts, turns, finishing

Coach - Craig Jourdonnais


Bronze Squad

Goal: to provide young  novice  swimmers  with an opportunity to learn swimming technique in the four competitive strokes.  This group will begin to establish necessary competitive swimming components- such as: streamlining, flip turns, open turns, diving starts, reading the pace clock and team concepts.

To accomplish these goals with young swimmers, we:

  1. Develop a structure and format swimmers work within

    1. By teaching drills for each stroke that all swimmers understand and can perform,

    2. By helping swimmers  understand how to organize themselves for each activity within their lanes

    3. By including fun workouts that are showcased each month, to help build enthusiasm, endurance and socialization on the squad

  2. Encourages swimmers to begin to develop goals and ideas about what they would like to do and how to get better – these can be as simple as attendance, skill work, or even specific swim times

  3. Highly encourages Team spirit and respect which are covered regularly with swimmers in the context of practice components

  4. Swimmers are encouraged to show up on time ready to work, show up to practices regularly to feel their own stroke improvement and build socially in the squad.  This is an early stage of developing a “work ethic” before swimmers are promoted to the next level

Training Ratio: 100% technique, beginning level 500 – 800 yds, progressing to more as the group advances

Practice Frequency:  three days per week is recommended for consistency, 4 days for those looking to move to next level and needing more endurance work, as they age up.

Entry level criteria:

  1. 25 yd freestyle and backstroke with rotary breathing

  2. one workable/ efficient kick

  3. enthusiasm to “work” for  45 – 60 minutes, (vs. a lesson of 30 min)

  4. knows that floating on back is a safety place

Basic skills and drills practiced on the Bronze Squad:


  1. balance, body position and kicking

  2. side balance, catchup – triple switch

  3. turns, finishes and streamlines


  1. balance and kicking, head position

  2. side balance position, body roll and shoulders

  3. arms – timing, pull,  and speed

  4. turns, streamlines, and finishing


  1. legal kick and glide

  2. arm timing with breathing, legal

  3. timing and glide of whole stroke

  4. turns, starts and finishes


  1. body roll, push – kicks

  2. breathing and arm work – sneak a peek

  3. starts, turns, finishing

** Pre-Bronze Option:
The goal of this pre-competitive/pre-Bronze team is to help transition new swimmers to the program that may not be ready for a full practice schedule.  

Coach - Shayna Albright


*During the High School Swim season, many members of our Senior Squad also compete for their respective high schools. Although high school swimming season is short, MAC swimmers prepare year-round. For more information about High School swimming, visit their website --

*For information regarding dues for each squad please click on the "Billing Info" menu under the "Parents" tab at the top of the website.