Billing-Account Info

All families are required to have either bank account information on file for ACH automatic withdrawal on the 1st of each month (except August) OR a valid credit card on file for the same purpose.  MAC does not accept checks for payment of monthly dues.  

There is no additional fee associated with having ACH automatic monthly withdrawal, however, there is a 5% fee for credit card automatic payments each month.  In addition, there is a 3% and $.30 per transaction fee for each one-time credit card payment, with the exception of the annual USA Swimming and MT swimming registration (this fee must be paid online via credit card).  A $10 late fee will be assessed on the 15th of each month for any account that has an unpaid balance at that time.

Payment methods can be changed as often as the account holder wishes, as long as there is valid payment information available to the team for automatic withdrawal on the 1st of each month.  This can be done through selecting the 'Payment Setup' tab on the right side of the home page of  All bank account and credit card information is encrypted for the security of the account holder.

All account holders are responsible for monitoring their balances for accuracy on a monthly basis. Please report any inaccuracies or questions regarding account activity to team treasurer,​