Meet Types Defined


Types/Levels of Swim Meets

  • Developmental Meets or Montana Invitational - These meets generally do not have any qualification time standards are are open to any swimmer depending on contract specifications: usually 18 & Under, but some are open to Masters swimmers. Each swimmer is usually allowed to enter from 3-5 individual events per day.

  • Qualification Meets - These meets have some type of qualification time standard(s) that a swimmer must meet in order to enter the meet. The qualifying times are specified in the contract. Larger LSCs, (Inland Empire, Pacific Northwest), occasionally offer such meets.

  • Montana State Championships - At the end of each short course and long course season, a State Championship is sanctioned by Montana Swimming. Montana Swimming sets the qualifying time standards for the championship meets at the National Age Group Motivational Time (NAG Time ) "BB' standard for swimmers 9 and older as well as establishing qualifying times for 8 and unders.

  • Northwest Section of Western Zones - Montana is in the Northwest Section. The Age Group Sectional meet is held in March, following the short course season. These meets are open to any swimmer 18 and under who has achieved a Northwest Section qualifying time. These meets are usually held in Federal Way, Washington.

  • Western Zone Championships - After long course state championships are held, a swimmer may qualify to participate in the Western Zone Championships. Zones are an all-star meet where swimmers compete as members of the Montana Zone Team against other states from the western U.S.

  • Additional information on Senior Sectionals and other National level championships is available from the coaches.