WZ Diversity Camp

The 2018 Western Zone Diversity and Inclusion Select Camp was

held June 14-17, 2018 at San Diego Sate University in beautiful

San Diego, California! 

Camp Reports:

Sara Guillen     O'Shay Birdinground    Bennett Apostol    Kristen Wyatt    Susan Huckeby

Western Zone Diversity Select Camp Eligibility: Any swimmer who represents an

ethnically under-represented population that is less than 10% of the current USA

Swimming membership is eligible for this camp. including African American, Native

American, Hispanic/Latino, Asian, Pacific Islander, Native Alaskan, Native Hawaiian,

Outreach (low income), LGBTQ, or diverse in another way.

*Funding: Montana Swimming will fund and may send up to two athletes, a coach, and

the MT Swim Diversity and Inclusion Chair to attend this camp/summit. In 

addition up to four athlete alternates may be selected. Alternates will be

notified by the Western Zone Diversity and Inclusion Camp Committee if

they have been chosen to attend the camp. 

*Camp requirements are eligibility included in the applications.

*Adults may also apply to attend the Diversity Summit held in conjunction

with the camp. Funding for summit participants is not guaranteed by

Montana Swimming and summit participants may have to pay all or

part of their expenses to attend the summit.

*Selection: MT Swimming Diversity and Inclusion Chair Susan Huckeby

will select the athletes, alternates, coach and summit participants to attend the

camp based on the submitted applications and any other Montana

Swimming diversity and inclusion program requirements.

*If any participant is selected and Montana Swimming pays the fees

or other costs for that person to attend and that person does not attend

the camp/summit, that person will be required to reimburse Montana

Swimming for any fees paid.


2016 Western Zone Diversity and Inclusion Camp - Salt Lake City, Utah

Representing Montana Swimming: AJ Popp (KATS athlete), Mrs. Toni Popp (KATS)

and Susan Huckeby (BTST).

2016 Susan Huckeby Camp Report   PDF

2016 AJ Popp Camp Report    PDF



2016 WZ D&I Camp athletes and coaches