WZ Diversity Camp

The 2018 Western Zone Diversity and Inclusion Select Camp will be

held June 14-17, 2018 at San Diego Sate University in beautiful

San Diego, California! 

Application Deadline: March 20, 2018

Submit applications to: Susan Huckeby (e-mail is preferred) or mail to Susan at

2001 Aberdeen St., Butte, MT 59701

Athlete Application:   Word   (updated 1-5-18)

Adult Coach or Summit Participant Application:    Word   (updated 1-5-18)


Athletes must be born between June 15, 2001 and June 14, 2004. 

Western Zone Diversity Select Camp Eligibility: Any swimmer who represents an

ethnically under-represented population that is less than 10% of the current USA

Swimming membership is eligible for this camp. including African American, Native

American, Hispanic/Latino, Asian, Pacific Islander, Native Alaskan, Native Hawaiian,

Outreach (low income), LGBTQ, or diverse in another way.

*Funding: Montana Swimming will fund and may send up to two athletes, a coach, and

the MT Swim Diversity and Inclusion Chair to attend this camp/summit. In 

addition up to four athlete alternates may be selected. Alternates will be

notified by the Western Zone Diversity and Inclusion Camp Committee if

they have been chosen to attend the camp. 

*Camp requirements are eligibility included in the applications.

*Adults may also apply to attend the Diversity Summit held in conjunction

with the camp. Funding for summit participants is not guaranteed by

Montana Swimming and summit participants may have to pay all or

part of their expenses to attend the summit.

*Selection: MT Swimming Diversity and Inclusion Chair Susan Huckeby

will select the athletes, alternates, coach and summit participants to attend the

camp based on the submitted applications and any other Montana

Swimming diversity and inclusion program requirements.

*If any participant is selected and Montana Swimming pays the fees

or other costs for that person to attend and that person does not attend

the camp/summit, that person will be required to reimburse Montana

Swimming for any fees paid.


The 2016 Western Zone Diversity and Inclusion Camp was held June 16-19 at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City.

Montana Swimming was well represented at the 2016 Western Zone Diversity and Inclusion Camp and Regional Diversity Summit held June 16-19 at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City. KATS swimmer AJ Popp was the lone Montana athlete at the camp and she enjoyed two a day practices designed by the five camp coaches along with other fun activities. She's a champion s'mores fixer too! (AJ's report on the camp is below.) Mrs. Toni Popp (KATS) attended as a Regional Summit participant and she found the camp to be a great learning experience and met several new friends. She is excited to help with plans for a Western Zone multicultural heritage meet planned for 2019. Susan Huckeby, BTST, attended as the Montana Swimming diversity and inclusion chair. Susan is also a member of the WZ diversity and inclusion committee that hosts the camp. Susan enjoyed meeting all the committee members that she's spoken with over the years via the phone and is thrilled that the camp had 40 athletes in attendance from across the Western Zone and over twenty participants in the regional diversity summit. Susan presented a workshop on outreach membership.

The next Western Zone Diversity and Inclusion Camp is planned for 2018. The committee is seeking applications from interested hosts for the camp.

Sabir Muhammad joined the campers as the national athlete. Sabir is one of the most well known African American swimmers. He swam for Stanford and was the first African American to compete for a men's varsity swim team. In 2000, Muhammad competed in the Short Course World Championships, winning silver and bronze medals and becoming the first African American to win a medal at a major international swimming competition. He competed as a championship finalist at the 2000 Olympic Trials in the 100 meter freestyle and as a semi-finalist in the 50-meter free, unfortunately missing the cut to make the Olympic team.  In his career, Sabir broke 10 American records, became a two time Short Course World Championship medalist, a four-time U. S. Open champion, a five-time World Cup Swimming champion and two-time runner-up at U. S. Nationals. In 2009, Muhammad made a comeback after years off and earned another National Team spot in the 50 freestyle during ConocoPhillips USA Swimming National Championships. Sabir is 6'7" tall.

Susan Huckeby


Dear MTS and MTS Athletes,


This past weekend (June 16-19) I had the opportunity to attend the USAS Diversity and Inclusion Camp in Salt Lake City. This year the camp was open to 9th and 10th graders from the Western Zone who applied to and were selected by their LSC. Not only did I learn new things ranging from nutrition to goals, but I also made new friends who I am excited to see again at higher level meets.


We had five pool practices over the three days. I was not expecting the sets to be as hard as they were, but I did like the challenge and maybe the best part was the the huge amounts of food Audrey (the camp coordinator) would always have for us afterwards. Besides the pool time we had other fun "dry" activities and things to do. The last night they took us to a woodsy area, built a fire and supplied us with 'smores fixin's. The girls from Alaska and I had to teach everyone else the "proper" technique for making the essential athlete treat five of the coaches were very fun to be around and all gave good advice about something like a stroke or where tgo during "The Purge'. To sum everything up I am very glad I had the opportunity to attend this camp and feel like it has benefited me in more ways than just swimming. Thanks to Montana Swimming for sending me and I encourage MTS athletes to apply for this camp in the future.


A.J. Popp



2018 Western Zone Diversity and Inclusion Select Camp

Location: San Diego State University, San Diego, California

Dates: June 14-17, 2018

Montana Swimming may select two athletes ages 13-16 to attend this camp who meet the camp eligibility criteria. Montana Swimming may also send one coach (applications below) and the MT Swimming Diversity and Inclusion Chair. Additional adults may attend the regional diversity summit held at the camp at their own expenses (application below).

Camp information will be posted once it is released.

Camp Flyer

MT Swimming Athlete Application    Word   PDF

MT Swimming Coach and Summit Participant Application    Word    PDF