Adolph Kiefer Safety Award

The Adolph Kiefer National Safety Award is presented annually to an outstanding individual or organization that has made a significant contribution to safe swimming in the United States by the Operational Risk Committee (formerly Safety Education Committee).  All LSC Safety Chairs and the Operational Risk Committee will have the opportunity to vote on the submitted nominations.  The Award will be presented at the USA Swimming House of Delegates meeting during the annual convention.

If you have any questions, please contact Paula D’Amico, at 719-866-3266 or via e-mail at We encourage you to nominate any individual or organization that has had an impact on safety in your city, state, swim club, LSC or nationally. TO BE CONSIDERED FOR THE 2017 SAFETY AWARD, PLEASE SUBMIT YOUR NOMINATIONS NO LATER THAN JULY 15, 2017.

2017 Adolph Kiefer Safety Award Nomination Form


Previous Winners

                  1990    Deborah Packard                                          2006    Eric Fucito

                  1991    Priscilla Davis                                               2007    Gary Hall, Jr

                  1992    Dan Mazzei                                                  2008    Jim Reiser

                  1993    Askia Bashir                                                 2009    Jenny Burgess

                  1994    Moon Aqua Club                                            2010    Rick Walker

                  1996    Steve Gordon                                                2011    Meghan Healey

                  1997    American Red Cross                                       2012    Starre Haney

                  1999    Kristi Elliott                                                   2013    Andrew Appleby
                  2000    Stew Leonard III-Water Safety Foundation       2014   Trish Van Pilsum/My Fox 9 Twin Cities

                  2001    George Young                                                 

                  2002    Adolph Kiefer                                                 2015    Lana Whitehead

                  2004    Mike Stromberg                                              2016