College Bound

Montana Swimming would like to acknowledge and congratulate athletes from the Class of 2019 and announce their college plans. 

If you would like to add your athlete to the list please send name, USA member club, high school graduating from and college selection to Susan Huckeby.


Class of 2019
Name          High School   Club  College Plans
 Sydney Archibald-Wilson  Hellgate  MAC  Western Washington University or   MSU
 Brayden Arnold  Billings West BAC  
 Hatty Bach   BAC  Montana State University
Tanner Baldry  Hellgate MAC  Undecided
 Claire Becker  Hellgate MYST  University of Wyoming
 Katharine Berkoff  Hellgate MAC  North Carolina State
 Eli Boylan  Sentinel  MYST  Montana State University
 Madelynn Carroll  CMR PWST  Brigham Young University - Idaho
 Aidan Condit  Hellgate  MAC  Long Island University - Brooklyn
 Ellie D'Amico  Big Sky High MYST Undecided
 Audrey Fero  Sentinel MYST Gonzaga University
 Joseph Guter  Great Falls   High PWST University of Chicago
 Ethan Harder  Homeschool  BAC  University of Texas
 Mason Johnson  Billings West  BAC  Wesleyan University
 Sawyer Keyes  Hellgate  MAC  Undecided
 Jack Leuthold  Billings Central  BAC  University of Wisconsin
 Caroline McCormick  Sentinel  MYST  University of Alaska
 Simon McMahon  Hellgate  MAC  US Naval Academy
 AJ Popp  Glacier  KATS  University of Northern Colorado
 Jace Reed  Flathead  KATS  Arizona State University
 Keidon Reynolds  Sentinel  MAC  College of Idaho
 John Henry Shaw  CMR  PWST  Montana State University
 Gabby Smart  Hellgate  MAC  Undecided
 Annie Sullivan  Whitehish  WRSC  University of Puget Sound
 Michael Van Kuren  Billings West  BAC  Kenyon College
 Finn Westenfelder  Hellgate  MAC  US Air Force Academy
 Jack Wolgamot  Sentinel  MYST  MSU - Northern



Class of 2018
Name          High School   Club  College Plans
 Kelsey Ammons  Hellgate High School MAC  Undecided
 Lydia Amon  Hellgate High School MAC  Undecided
 Mari Aoki  Hellgate High School MAC  University of New Mexico
 Olivia Bauman  CMR High School PWST  Undecided
 Ellee Becker  Hellgate high School MYST  University of Portland
 Kade Berger  Bozeman High School BOZ  Montana State University
 James Bouda  Flathead High School KATS  University of Wyoming
 Cody Carlson  Sentinel High School MYST  Montana State University
 Alexis Cichon  Bozeman High School BOZ  University of Montana
 Molly DeMarco  CMR High School PWST  Montana State University
 Morgan Duncan  CMR High School PWST  Undecided
 Jesse Ecklund  Hellgate High School MAC  Vassar College
 Gabby Flores   Hellgate High School MYST  Undecided
 Matthew Fritz  Hellgate High School MAC  U.S. Coast Guard Academy
 Ayanna Gray  CMR High School PWST  Undecided
 Kyiah Ingraham  Whitefish High School WRSC  Southwestern Oregon Community College
 Gabe Jourdonnais  Big Sky High School MYST  U.S. Naval Academy
  Madison Klundt  Bozeman High School BOZ University of Mary
 Darragh Mahns  Hellgate High School MAC  University of Denver
 Nicole Nedens  Hardin High School HOT  Johns Hopkins University
 Andrea Porch  Sentinel High   School MYST  Montana State University
 Bailey Rhodes  Glacier High School KATS  Whitworth University
 Mari Rizzuto  Hellgate High School MYST  Undecided
 Joey Szekely  Big Sky High School MYST  Eastern Washington University