Fees/Payment Options

New and continuing swimmers are responsible for paying monthly swim team fees as well as registering and paying dues for membership in USA Swimming once a year.

Swim Team Fee Payment Options

Automatic bank draft-Please fill out the bank draft form and your payment will be withdrawn around or about the 1st of each month. This option is for swimmers registered year round.

3 month pre-payment- Swim team fees are paid in advance. Payments are due on the 1st of the month for the upcoming 3 months. Swimmers are responsible to keep account in good standing. Payments can be made at the Welcome Center.

Discounted one-month trial for new swimmers
New swimmers receive a $25 discount off their first month's fees. After this trial period ends, swimmers pay the regular monthly program fees, and register and pay for USA Swimming dues.

Fee by Group

Y Family Membership


Y Youth Membership


Pre-Competitive- Tiger Sharks
(Two days per week)



Youth membership not required

Pre-Competitive- Tiger Sharks
(One day per week)



Youth membership not required

Intermediate- Hammer Mouth Crew/ Angel Shark Crew



Advanced- Great White Crew



Senior- Mako Crew














USA Swimming Membership and Dues
Senior, Advanced and Intermediate team members are required to be a member of USA Swimming. All competitive swimmers must register and pay dues the first month they begin swimming in a calendar year or immediately following completion of the first month on the team. Swimmers that have not registered will not be allowed to practice or participate in meets.

USA Swimming Registration Dues (as of September, 20, 2018)
Full Year: $92
Seasonal: $55 (swimmers who only swim 3 months- consecutively)

Outreach:$9 you must be able to show proof of free or reduced lunch for your child in order you utilize this option.

Fill out USA Swimming Registration form and return with payment to the Y Welcome Center. 

Cancelation Policy

In accordance with the Program Application Agreement, regardless of how a program is paid for, written notice must be given to the Missoula YMCA by the last day of the month to cancel a program registration for the following month.

Upon receipt of a cancelation form, your swimmer's registration for the month(s) you request will be canceled and you will not be drafted for those dues.

The Program Cancelation Form can be returned to the Y Welcome Center, Aquatics Director or Head Coach.