New Swimmer Info

Welcome to MYST! Here are a few things that will help to get you started.

All team communication happens through our MYST Team Unify website. Weekly emails, meet registration due dates, team dinners, warm up times.....everything. Once you join the team, Kirby will input your information on our MYST Team Unify website. The website will then send you a verification email. You must click on the link to verify, and set up your account. Once your account is verified, you will receive all team emails.

MYST has an affiliate account with Swim Outlet, which means that because we are a non profit, swim outlet gives us 5% back on all purchases made through the link,, and click on “team gear.” You can search anywhere on the site from that link, and MYST gets a quarterly check from them.

Parkas Swimmers love to wear parkas, an oversized fleece lined jacket that keeps them warm between events. Speedo parkas are our favorite. Go to , and click on team gear, to find the parka.

  • ●  Both Stitches and Exact Image, here in Missoula, have our MYST shark logo.

  • ●  Great idea to get your swimmer’s name embroidered on their parka, so that if it

    gets left behind, it is easy to reclaim.

Our team colors are red, orange, white, and a little black.

Team caps 

  • ●  You can email me, and I can leave a cap on Kirby’s desk. You can leave a

    check for the cap in the PAC envelope by her desk

  • ●  I keep a stock of team caps , and will have them at each meet. If I am not at a

    meet, another parent will have some on hand.

  • ●   Caps are $10 each.

We are a Speedo Sponsored team , which means that whenever possible we choose Speedo gear. In return, Speedo gives our team $2,000 a year in free gear, coaches outfitting, and officials outfitting. For kids that make upper level meets, Speedo gives them Speedo suits, goggles, bags, etc. I try to buy exclusively Speedo, plus that is what my boys love.

After a new MYST swim team member attends 3 meets, PAC buys the swimmer a Speedo Swim bag , embroidered with MYST and their name. We feel that three meets shows that the swimmer is committed. A new swimmer sees every other swimmer with the bag, and they can’t wait to have their own. They are pricey little items, but it helps PAC to honor our Speedo sponsorship, gives the kids something to strive for, and the kids love them.

Team shirts and hats. MYST has great t-shirts, cool 3/4 sleeve baseball shirts, tank tops, hoodies, and baseball hats. Our designs are pretty cool. I work with a shirt guy out of Boise, and we have put together some shirts and designs that are really neat. We sell all gear at cost, so that we can get as many people into the team gear as possible.

Click on the Team Info tab and then the "Practice Schedules" for the team practice schedule . Dry land is all run by an amazing personal trainer at the Y, Peter Flynn. He became a registered USA Swimming coach a little over a year ago, and started training the team. Peter has done amazing things with the kids, and does a ton of research on swim specific exercises. It is so fun to watch the team learn the proper way to lift weights, do planks, body weight exercises, etc.

How to sign up for meets on our Website

USA Swimming Registration is required by the team, and it is paid annually. The following link that explains the benefits, also I know that every swimmer who wants to compete is Montana Swimming swim meets has to be registered to swim.

Lastly, now that you are a swim team member, it is a great time to join the Y. Once you register for swim team, if you decide to become family members at the Y, your initiation fee is waived, and your swim team fees are lower. It is so great to be able to get a workout in, while your kids have swim practice.

Other things will come up through time. Please feel free to email me or Kirby, anytime.

All MYST parents are very helpful. We all feel very fortunate to belong to a MYST, and make it a goal to support new team members and their family. Just speak up, and someone will be happy to help!