Swim Crews (groups)

Tiger Sharks (Pre-competitive) 5+ years

Hammer Mouths ( Littles) 5-10 years 

Great White  (Advanced/ Middles) 11-14 years  

Mako  (Senior/Bigs) 14-20 years

Angel ( Adaptive) 10-20

*All crews are male and female.


Training Strategy by Crew

Pre-competitive Tiger Sharks
The Pre-competitive swim team combines a fun atmosphere with an emphasis on improving stroke technique and endurance. Each practice session is 45 minutes long. The swimmers have an opportunity to participate in pre-competitive or ‘mock’ meets. These are very low-key, with no pressure to perform at any level other than the swimmer’s ability or desire. The meets give swimmers an opportunity to understand what participating in a competitive meet might be like, while in an environment of support and encouragement.

On the pre-comp team, swimmers will be learning breathing for control and strokes, building endurance, proper kicking for power and balance, stroke technique and as they advance, starts and turns, and speed drills.

Mega Mouths and Hammer Heads
Ability- Basic knowledge of the four competitive strokes. Able to repeat distances of over 50 yards.
Emphasis- Refining the four competitive strokes and starts and turns. Begin interval training, endurance training, and preparation for racing. Games and activities to develop sportsmanship and team unity.
Practices- Recommendation is that Mega Mouth swimmers practice 3 times per week.

Great Whites and Makos
Ability- Proficiency in all of the four competitive strokes, starts and turns. Able to train for up to 11/2 hours at a time.
Emphasis- Improve physical condition through progressive, strenuous training both in the pool and through dry land strength training. Introduce a racing strategy. Individual goal setting, leadership and team spirit.
Practices- Recommendation is that swimmers take full advantage of all practice sessions available for their crews. Great Whites 5x week, Makos up to 11 x week (including dry land sessions)