Tri-State Team


Tri-State: Ages 4-18

  • Practices April through July
  • Primary Coaches: Meghan Cameron /Sydnie Storm 
  • Primarily competes in Tri-State Summer League
  • Option to try a USA Swimming meet as Berzerker

The Tri-State focuses on fitness, technique and love for the sport.  Swimmers usually practice 3-4 times per week in the spring and summer.  Of course we encourage attending practice as often as possible. 

The Tri-State team competes in the Tri-State Summer League. Our  Team encourages meet attendance. Some of the best learning for your swimmer comes from swim meet experience. Championship meets are highly encouraged as it is an honor to qualify for the Championship Team and those meets are our greatest team-builder!  In order for your swimmer to be eligible to attend A Champs or B Champs, you must attend at least 3 regular Tri-State season meets.

As mentioned above, swimmers in the Tri-State  group have the option to try a USA Swimming Long-Course meet. Because USA Swimming meets are sanctioned under a separate organization from the Tri-State Summer League, a separate membership application and fee must be submitted. If your swimmer would like to try a USA Swimming meet you will need a USA Swimming membership. Our bookkeeper takes care of filing this membership application for you. You must inform our bookkeeper Stephanie Miller by using the contact us button at the web site at least 2 weeks prior to the USA Swimming meet you would like to attend to notify her of your intent to swim at that meet. Failure to email her at least 2 weeks prior to the meet could result in your membership application not being processed in time for you to be able to enter the meet. USA Swimming summer seasonal memberships last from May 1 through August 31 and cost $35. This fee will be billed to your swim team account.


Pricing is as follows:

Pre-season (April May)-$130  One payment.  Includes two months of pre-swim and insurance.

In season (June/July) -$130 One payment.  Includes two months swim, t-shirt and cap.  If swimmer did not do pre-swim $10 will be added for insurance.


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