SENIOR (Contract)



Senior Group (Contract: Age 12 and up): *5 practices per week minimum during active season


The SENIOR Group is for athletes age 12 and up who commit to our season long training program and fully immerse themselves in the sport of swimming. These athletes are expected to swim once per day (5-6 times per week) for a majority of the year, focusing on state level meets and beginning to specialize and train for their primary events. The season arcs (August-December, January-March, April-July) consistent of a few weeks of stroke development as the swimmers ease into a training program, several weeks of intense breakthrough training, and a few weeks of taper (short and intense training) to end the season. Most of the stroke development and refinement is done in the first month, proceeded by many tweaks throughout the intense training and in-season meets, leaving only miniscule changes needed in the last weeks of the season.


Attendance is important all season long as swimmers need repetition, time in the water, and feedback during all three of the training stages. Many of our SENIOR swimmers use morning practices as make-ups so that they can train consistently while meeting other obligations for academics and fall or spring school sports. These athletes often swim against each other on various high school varsity teams in the area, but have fun together at USA Swimming meets as one team. SENIOR athletes have multiple opportunities to participate in team travel meets so long as they meet their training and communication obligations to their training partners.


For more information about our Senior group, please see our CONTRACT Groups Info Sheet.


If you think your swimmer is ready to be a part of our SENIOR program, please talk to a coach. We require a meeting with each family who wishes to be a part of our contract groups, and the coaches must evaluate whether swimmers are ready to fit into their workouts or if more progress needs to be made first.


*SENIOR swimmers should have their own water bottle, set of flippers, front snorkel, cap, goggles, and team suit. The fins at the pool are actually left there by swimmers who have outgrown them! Please visit the Gear/Apparel tab to find out how to order your own gear.


Please visit the Calendars tab and select “Senior (Contract)” from the drop-down to view the practices offered for this group.


Pricing is as follows: $81 annual USA Swimming registration/insurance fee due upon registration; $80 per month in dues (first month payment due upon registration). The $81 annual USA Swimming registration/insurance fee can be reduced to just $7 if you can provide us with paperwork showing your swimmer qualifies for free/reduced lunches at school, or paperwork showing your family qualifies for food stamps.