Our PREP Team is designed to introduce swimmers age 12 and under to our sport in a non-competitive environment so that they can learn at their own pace. In PREP we focus on comfort, “feel” for the water, and building the fundamentals that will help swimmers to learn the racing strokes correctly to move up to one of the competitive (COMP) teams. We work on team building, practice etiquette, and a lot of fun basic skills. Repetition is vital to learning in this group. We take time to acquaint swimmers with the idea that we are “racing ourselves” by focusing on personal improvement rather than how we compare to everyone else.


To join the PREP team your swimmer must be able to practice in our 12 feet deep-end diving well without an instructor in the water. Our PREP swimmers spend 45-50 minutes in the water each practice. Once a swimmer has grown in their skills enough, they will be invited to join one of our COMP Teams.


We offer several convenient practice times for our PREP Team. You may sign up for as many days per week as you wish. Each additional session for which you register creates an additional monthly fee. When you choose your session time(s) through our online registration process, you are committing to that specific class day & time. Unless you have made arrangements ahead of time, please do not come on a day/time other than the one you have registered for. If you wish to commit to more than one night per week, you can sign up for multiple sessions. We set up our registration this way to ensure families have ample opportunity to fit swim practices into their busy schedules more conveniently. Make up practices may be scheduled for sessions missed due to inclement weather or facility schedule conflicts (such as High School Varsity swim meets hosted at the Webb City pool), but those make ups are offered only at the discretion of the coach(es).


All classes are currently offered at Webb City High School pool. Class offerings will be as follows (you choose classes upon registration):

Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays 5:30-6:20pm
Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays 6:30-7:20pm


Pricing is as follows: $7 annual insurance fee due upon registration; $25 per month per class


Your swimmer will need their own pair of goggles. Sometimes we have a few spare pairs at the pool, but we generally rely on you to bring goggles with your swimmer to each practice. Your swimmer will also need their own pair of fins. If you need to order fins, please visit the Gear/Apparel tab to find out how to order gear.


Please note that our sessions are billed on a monthly basis. Monthly dues are billed to your account on the first of every month. The best way to keep your account current is to set up automatic withdrawals on your credit card. You can set this up during the registration process. If you wish to cancel your sessions at any time, please notify our Team Manager at least one week prior to your last session to ensure timely cancelation. You can email our Team Manager Steph Miller at 1994steph.miller@gmail.com. She will cancel your membership so you are not billed for months you do not plan to attend. If you do not notify our Team Manager of your intent to discontinue your membership, your credit card will continue to be charged.


For more information about our PREP program, please see our PREP Info Sheet.