PREP/Lesson Team Info Sheet


Registration will open for all returning families on March 18th

Registration will open for all families on March 25th

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Lessons and prep are offered at two pools for Summer Session:


Webb City High School:

    Session: April 1-July 25th

          Cost: One time payment $100

    Lessons: Class at 5pm or 545pm   Monday, Tuesday or Thursday

              (June 3 - July 25 classes begin at 5:30pm or 6:15pm due to pool availability)

    Prep:  Class at 5pm or 6pm   Monday, Tuesday or Thursday

                     (June 3- July 25 classes begin at 5:30pm or 630pm due to pool availability)

    For classes at Webb you are registering for one class per week for entire session


Millennium Fitness Facility

    There will be 4 two week periods in the summer session.

    Period 1: June 3-June 13

    Period 2: June 17-June 27

    Period 3: July 8-July 18

    Period 4: July 15-July 25

    Cost: Each period is a one time payment of $40

    Lessons: Class at 830am, 915am and 10am Mon, Tues, Wed and Thurs.

    Prep:  Class at 830am and 930am Mon, Tues, Wed, and Thurs

    For classes at Millennium you are registering for 8 classes during each 2 week period.


PREP/Lessons Parents: We want your swimmer to have the best experience possible as a member of Berzerker Swimming.  Here is what you need to know about our program.

  1. OVERVIEW: Our PREP Team is designed to introduce swimmers age 12 and under to our sport in a non-competitive environment so that they can learn at their own pace. In PREP we focus on comfort, “feel” for the water, and building the fundamentals that will help swimmers to learn the racing strokes correctly to move up to one of the competitive teams. We work on team building, practice etiquette, and a lot of fun basic skills. Repetition is vital to learning in this group. We take time to acquaint swimmers with the idea that we are “racing ourselves” by focusing on personal improvement rather than how we compare to everyone else.To join the PREP team your swimmer must be able to practice in our 12 ft deep-end diving well without an instructor in the water.  Little Viking Swim Lessons is our "learn to swim" group for ages 4-12. This program is designed for a couple of different types of beginner-level swimmers: 1. swimmers who are still learning to put their faces in the water, blow bubbles and kick but cannot yet swim independently, and 2. swimmers who are able to already swim a few feet and can take a breath without stopping, but still need a teacher in the water with them.

  2. CLASS DURATION: Prep classes are scheduled at 50 minutes long. Please expect your child to spend a 45-50 minutes in the water. Lessons classes are scheduled at 35 min in water. After the class has ended, please feel free to discuss your child’s progress with his or her instructor. Communication is key!

  3. Registration fee: Prep/ Lessons swimmers each have a $7 annual insurance fee due upon registration. EQUIPMENT: Prep swimmers are expected to have their own pair of goggles