COMP: Age 4-18

  • Available all year (competes in USA Swimming meets as Berzerker)

The COMP Team, our initial competitive group, focuses on fitness, technique and love for the sport. If your child has been on a swim team before or has passed through our PREP program, he or she is most likely ready for the COMP group. COMP builds on basic skills already learned, and begins to add endurance work to our skill repetition. Swimmers may practice up to three times per week in the winter, and four nights per week in the summer. Of course we encourage attending practice as often as possible. Our COMP Team has limited space, so spots on the COMP Team may be forfeited to make room for other families who might be more interested in supporting the team by competing. Swimmers also tend to get bored with practicing when they do not have meets to work toward, and some of the best learning your swimmer will do comes from swim meet experience. Championship meets are highly encouraged as it is an honor to qualify for the Championship Team and those meets are our greatest team-builder!


Mandatory equipment for this group includes goggles, cap, a water bottle, fins and a front snorkel. (We have some fins to borrow but no guarantee any will fit). To order your own gear, please visit the Gear/Apparel tab on our website.


For more detailed information about the COMP group's expectations, please see our COMP Info Sheet.


This Fall, practices will be offered at two locations: 1) Webb City High School pool and 2) Weede pool in Pittsburg, KS. Starting September 5, practice offerings are as follows:

Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays 5:00-6:15pm at Webb City High School pool

Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays 6:00-7:15pm at Weede pool in Pittsburg, KS


Pricing is as follows: $77 annual USA Swimming registration/insurance fee due upon registration; $65 per month in dues (first month payment due upon registration). The $77 annual USA Swimming registration/insurance fee can be reduced to just $7 if you can provide us with paperwork showing your swimmer qualifies for free/reduced lunches at school, or paperwork showing your family qualifies for food stamps.


**Special note: Many families come to our club already carrying loyalties to other teams in the Tri-State Swim League. Of course we welcome all swimmers to stay with us but we do not wish to recruit swimmers away from surrounding teams to represent Webb City within the league during the summer months. We strive to cooperate with other summer teams to give all families the best swimming experience possible. Some families do continue with our Contract groups in the summer along with being a part of their home team in the Tri-State Conference, but that is only done by competing in “short course yards” competition through Tri-State and “long course meters” competition through USA Swimming. This is normally the way that swimmers in our CONTRACT groups (Advanced Age Group, Elite Age Group, Senior, Elite) are able to continue to enjoy summer league swimming with their friends. Swimmers in our summer COMP program who are already registered with USA Swimming are encouraged to give a long course meet a try, and we would love to see them join us at our home meet in July as well as championships if they qualify or can fill a relay spot for us. Swimmers who were not a part of Winter COMP would need to fill out and pay for a seasonal or annual USA Swimming registration to be able to compete in a long course meet with us as a BERZERKER.