To join Berzerker Swimming and the Little Viking Swim School you must register online. Click here to register for COMP, Contract, or Masters Groups. Click here to register for Little Viking Swim Lessons or Prep Team. You will need your insurance and emergency contact information to complete the registration. You will also have the option to pay by credit card, so have that handy!

If your swimmer is new to competitive swimming, please join a Lessons or Prep group. If your swimmer has had some swim team experience before and they know the four basic racing strokes, you may register for one of our COMP groups. Advanced-level swimmers may register for a Contract group only after meeting with one of our contract group coaches, Coach K or Coach Nate, to discuss the requirements and expectations of joining a Contract group. Swimmers age 18+ may register for our Masters groups. When you arrive at the pool for your first practice, let the coaches know that you are new to the team and have completed the online registration. As soon as we have received a payment for the annual insurance and registration fees, we will get you in the water to become a better swimmer!

We offer a two-week trial period to give your family time to learn a little about our team and our sport before you commit. If you're interested in this two-week trial, please stop by the Webb City pool and talk to a coach.

To learn more about being a Berzerker, please spend a little time browsing our website. Don't hesitate to click on the "Contact Us" button if you have any questions about the Berzerker program!