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Competitive Team


After you familiarize yourself with our practice schedule, practice locations, and fees, and you are ready to join the COOL family, the first step in joining is to complete our online registration and pay your initial fees. This registration is needed by our insurance company to allow you to proceed to step two - the try out. 

The second step is the try out. COOL is a competitive swim team and although we will seek to help you refine your strokes, some basics are needed before you can join our competitive program. Take a look at the requirements of our training groups to see if you think you are ready. If you are unsure which swim group you should register for, make your best guess, but please remember the coaches will place you in the appropriate group after your tryout or after a week or two of practice. If you have any questions, contact us, give it a try, and we'll let you know. To schedule a tryout email us and we'll set up a time for you to join us at the pool.

If you are not quite ready for our competitive team, you can always look into our pre-competitive program. In this program we will work with you to gain the skills needed to join our competitive program. 

The final step is to jump into the water for our ONE WEEK FREE trial! This week will help you see if swimming with COOL is something you will enjoy! Come to practice and get to know the COOL coaches, swimmers, and training routine.  Then, after one week let us know if your future is with the COOL SWIM TEAM!

In order to take advantage of the free week, you must complete our online registration and pay your initial fees up front (this is needed for insurance purposes). If, after one week (defined as one calendar week), you are not ready to be COOL, all you need to do is email our treasurer and let us know you are not going to stay. YOU MUST COMPLETE THE REGISTRATION PROCESS AND SUBMIT PAYMENT PRIOR TO YOUR TRIAL WEEK!

Please contact our Registrar, Stephanie Havertape, if you have any questions.

TRANSFER SWIMMERS: Are you transferring to COOL from another USA team? If so, you will need to pay an additional $5 on your registration to ensure the transfer of your USA membership from your old team to COOL.