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Kansas City Blue Wave Swim Team Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Blue Wave located?

Blue Wave currently practices at two different facilities:

Platte County Community Center North; 3101 Running Horse Road; Platte City, MO 64079 - 816.858.0114

Platte County Community Center South; 8875 Clarke Avenue; Parkville, MO 64152 - 816.505.2622

What are the facilities like? 

Both locations offer cold water competition style training environments. Platte County Community Center North (PCN) is an 8 lane 25 yard to 25 meter convertable competition course equipped with starting blocks at the diving well end. Platte County Community Center South (PCS) is a 4 lane 25 yard competition with starting blocks expected by the 2015-16 Short Course Season. Both locations are utilized year round. During the summer months we also train in the 50 meter pool located at The Springs Aquatic Center.

How do tryouts work?

Blue Wave accepts all swimmers. If your child can swim 25 yards he/she can make the team. Try-outs are held once a month starting in August at the Y facility. At these tryouts our coaches are looking to assess your child’s current ability. They then can place your swimmer in the appropriate group. Please arrive 15 mins. prior to your tryout time with suit and goggles. Try-outs take no more than 30 minutes and are really easy and fun.  At the end of tryouts the coach will give your child a verbal assessment of how they did. They then will assign your child to an individual training group based on their current skills and you will receive paperwork that needs to be turned in with payment before the first practice.

How does the schedule and groups work?

After your child does a tryout, we will place them in an individual training group based on their current skill level. That group will be their training group when they come to their first practice and they will swim with the same people at each practice. Each training group will have several practice times offered during the week and we encourage you to make as many as possible in order to continue to develop in swimming.

What are practices like?

Practices are built around our mission statement. We seek to provide an environment that develops a well rounded individual both in and out of the water. Blue Wave offers so much more than just swimming laps. It begins with focusing on all four stroke techniques and training for all distances.  We seek to build our muscles out of the water by incorporation various stretches and work outs to not only increase strength and flexibility but also to prevent injury.  Practices are adjusted according to each child’s abilities, needs and desires.

What are the coaches like?

Our staff is the BEST! They are friendly, positive and enthusiastic and are working with your child to have the most fun possible. Each one of our coaches has competed in higher levels in competitive swimming.  Our head coach has competed himself at the high school level, and also as a member of the Quincy YMCA Flyers growing up.  He has coached numerous swimmers who have achieved AAA, AAAA and Sectional times.  He is repeatedly chosen as a Missouri Valley Zones coach and was voted Missouri Valley Coach of the Year in 2002 by his Missouri Valley coaching peers. Needless to say our coaches know the sport inside-out.  Our coach to swimmer ratio in the water is 20:1, which means lots of individual instruction for your child.  Our coaches love to share their knowledge in the sport of swimming with your child.

Will my child have fun at Blue Wave?

Absolutely! Your child will meet lots of new friends on Blue Wave, and not only that, they will meet friends who like the same things that they do. Whether it is their first time joining a swim team or as a seasoned veteran they will be immediately able to jump into the program and meet people. They will be able to make friends out of the pool as we do many social activities besides just swimming. There is always an opportunity to hang out with the new friends they make. Blue Wave strives to balance our community, growing, challenging, supporting and enjoying each other. Not only will your child have fun at Blue Wave but he/she will have a strengthened sense of inner core values and confidence.

Will my child learn something at Blue Wave?

We guarantee that your child will learn many things while being a part of Blue Wave. In the pool,  on the deck or at one of our group outings. Our mission is to impart new life skills on each and everyone involved. We strive to honor your child’s athletic abilities. We make it a priority to always challenge athletes to do their best, reach for their goals and achieve their potential in a gentle and nurturing environment.

What are the cool things that you do at Blue Wave?

We have participated in clinics with Olympians, gone bowling, had movie nights, had pizza parties and have attended swim meets around the area, state and country.

How does Blue Wave view competitions?

Competition at Blue Wave should be viewed in its proper perspective. The word competition often conjures in people’s minds what are really the defects of competition. Blue Wave offers properly structured athletic competition that benefits all involved. USA Swimming is an integral part of that structure. At Blue Wave competition is seen as a way to challenge swimmers to better themselves, to use the skills that they are developing and to cultivate proper attitude and good sportsmanship. While awards are given at swim meets, coaches focus on the individual improvements a swimmer makes at each meet and their self-esteem.

Why is Blue Wave unique? 

Our unique commitment to swimming, in conjunction with active coach and parent involvement, creates an atmosphere that makes us stand out from the rest. We raise the bar by hiring highly qualified, certified coaches who have years of experience.  Because we are a YMCA and USA Swimming Club, we have opportunities for competition and programs that other Kansas City teams do not. In essence we have great facilities, amazing staff, supportive parents and a commitment to excellence.  We are the best Kansas City swim team!

How can I, the parent be involved?

Blue Wave is always looking for volunteers to help out with the many functions there is involved with running a swim team. You can contact committee chairs or committee chairs will ask for help when we have social events – swim meets coming up etc. Blue Wave has a volunteer policy in place and asks that each family volunteer 20 hours of their time a year.

Why USA Swimming?

USA Swimming is the best of the best. It offers numerous levels of non-competitive and competitive swimming for all age groups to constantly challenge swimmers to improve. Whether you are just entering the water, looking for a recreational activity, improving your high school times, seeking to swim in college under scholarship, or looking at making the Olympics, USA Swimming is the way to go. It is the only entity that will allow you to swim with Olympians and prepare for the Olympics. But it is so much more than that. Our governing body develops the whole swimmer from their first steps in the pool all the way on up and offers competitive levels each stage of your child’s development.

What is USA Swimming?

USA Swimming is the National Governing Body for competitive swimming in the United States. As the National Governing Body for the sport, USA Swimming formulates the rules, implements policies and procedures, conducts the national championships, disseminates safety and sports medicine information and selects the athletes to represent the United States in international competition.

What is the time commitment?

Your time commitment to our sport is totally up to you and your child. Each individual practice group has a suggested minimum attendance but whether you come to more or less practices is totally up to you and your child. If you are really into the sport and come every day then you can move rapidly up the ranks. If you are just starting out and do not know if swimming is going to be your thing, we have groups for you as well.

How can I find out more about Blue Wave?

To find out more about Blue Wave, simply contact our head coach,  or you can contact us on our contact page, we are happy to answer any additional questions you may have.

What swim meets will Blue Wave be attending?

A list of all the swim meets is on our calendar and events page. On it you will see all of the meets that we are attending during the short or long course season.

How do I enter my swimmer into a swim meet?

In order to enter your child into a swim meet you need to  follow the following steps at the meet entry page. The first thing that you need to do is make sure that you are logged into the system.  Click on events and a meet that you can swim. Click on the ‘attend  this event’ button and follow the directions. Please make sure you are aware of entry deadlines for meets.

If I forgot to sign up for a meet, can I still attend?

Yes, often times you can still go to a swim meet even if you forgot to sign up. Please check the meet information to make sure the host team is allowing late/deck entries. When you arrive at the meet you need to have two things. A list of all of your child’s best times and your child’s USA swimming ID card. This will provide proof that your child can swim in the meet. Present these to the clerk of course and fill out the proper paperwork. Late entries are usually two times more than normal entries. Typically each event will cost about $7-9 an event and most teams will only accept cash. So please plan accordingly.

Can my child go to any swim meet they want? 

No. Blue Wave swimmers can only attend meets already on team schedule in which a Blue Wave coach will be in attendance.

When do I need to show up for a swim meet?

Your child needs to show up 15 minutes before the start of warm-up at the meet. When they get there they need to find their coach to know where our designated team crash area and warm-up lanes will be.

Are warm-ups important?

Yes, warm-ups are very important for your child. Warm-ups help prepare your child to do their best at a swim meet. Without a proper warm-up your child risks early fatigue and possible injury.  Warming up with the team also helps build team unity.

Where can I find my swimmer’s best time and meet results?

Swimmer’s best times and meet results can be found in the left hand column under My Meet Results.  Results will also be posted on Missouri Valley web site.

What are time standards?

Time standards are a list of swimming times based on age. It is a national way of setting up competitive meets with swimmers of like abilities and helps in the creation of setting goals. Click Here for Missouri Valley and USA Swimming time standards.

How does my swimmer progress to the next training group?

Progression in our program is based on several things. Most importantly is your child making the proper attendance requirements? After that the coaches will look at individual swim meet times, test sets, swimmer’s maturity and dedication to decide if they are ready to move up to the next group.

Where do I get gear for my swimmer? 

You can order from the Team Store. By ordering from  Swimoutlet the team will receive 8% back – the funds will be used for improvement /social activities in the program.