Team Unify

Team Unify

When you join the team you will receive a link to create an account online through the team website.

  • Always be sure to sign in - the website will log you out whenever you leave the site, and most of the important features you will need are only accessible when you are logged in 
  • “My Account” link - (left hand side of home page) access to your invoices, credit card info, one-time payments, and auto pay features
  • Team Roster - at very top of home page, above the main heading “Missouri State Aquatics” in very light letters is the link “members”.  This gives you access to the full team roster, which group they are in, parent names, and contact info.
  • “Meets” link - this is probably your most important link for everything meet related
  • “Meet Schedule & Info” - a general list of meets and where they are held
  • “Meet Sign Ups” - Individual meets are listed. 
    • If you click on the blue main title for a particular meet it will take you to more detailed meet information.  Then, under the Forms/Documents section will be another blue link with the official meet file for that meet.  This file is hugely important!  It gives you everything you need to know about the meet - address, dates, number of events allowed, parking information, awards, meet schedule of events, etc.
    • “Attend/Decline” Link- This is where you declare if your child is going to attend or not attend a particular meet.  Click on your child’s name.  Then under “Declaration”, pick either Yes or No.  If you pick Yes, you will then be asked to pick the events your child will compete in.  This is where you need to look back at the official meet file for the number of events allowed each day and the meet schedule of events.  You also need to talk to your child about what events they would like to compete in, and perhaps your child’s coach if you have questions about whether they should or should not sign up for a particular event.  Check the schedule of events when signing your child up to make sure you’re not having them compete in several events right in a row without any significant breaks.  Let your child compete in events they like, but also challenge them sometimes to try an event that seems more intimidating.  A lot of times they are more ready and able to compete in harder events than they give themselves credit for!
  • Please note that some meets have time standards that must be met in order to compete in them.  (Columbia - this does not apply for 10 & under, Winter Qualifier, Winter Classic, Districts, Championships, and Zones).  This is where the “OnDeck Parent” app comes in handy so you know where your child stands and what they are allowed to compete in.