Swimming Equipment

Swimming Equipment

Swimmers in the various swim groups will all need their own equipment for practice.  Please train your swimmer to bring his equipment bag with him to every single practice.  You never know what the coach has planned for the practice, and you want to be sure your swimmer always has what he needs in order to get the full benefit from practice.

Every swimmer will need a swimsuit and goggles for each practice.  All female swimmers must wear a swim cap.  Most male swimmers also choose to wear a swim cap.                                                                                                                    

  • You will usually see kids carrying their swimsuits, towels, goggles, caps, and extra clothes in a Speedo Swim Bag.   All of the equipment listed below is usually brought to and from practice in a “wet bag” (a mesh bag that allows the equipment to air out and dry).
    • Panda’s - fins, kickboard, snorkel, water bottle
    • Cub’s - fins, kickboard, buoy, water bottle, snorkel 
    • Grizzles - fins, kickboard, snorkel, buoy, paddles, water bottle
    • Bruins/Bears - fins, kickboard, snorkel, pull buoy, hand paddles, water bottle     


  • is a great website for buying anything swim related at reasonable prices.  If you click on the SwimOutlet link on the left side of MSA’s home page and do your shopping from the window it pops up, our club receives a 10% kickback on all orders.  You should see the message, “You are shopping through the MSA Booster Club Affiliate account” at the very top of the SwimOutlet screen.                                         
  • The following is a list of suggested equipment and current prices on  
    • Kickboard - Sporti Adult/Junior Kickboard ($8.95/$6.95)
    • Fins - Sporti Training Swim Fins ($19.95)  (Note - Do NOT buy “zoomers”!)
    • Snorkel - Finis Swimmer’s Swim Snorkel ($29.99)  (You might have to look for a junior size of this if your child is smaller, but Finis is the brand Coach Danny recommends.)
    • Pull Buoy - Sporti Pull Buoy ($6.95)
    • Hand paddles - Sporti Power Swim Paddles ($7.95)
    • Wet Bag - Sporti Mesh Bag ($4.95 and up, depending on color)
    • Swim Bag - Speedo Large 35L Teamster Backpack ($44.49 - $60.00, depending on color/pattern)