Time Standards

Time Standards

  • Time standards are the times needed to compete at different meets. 
  • There are two different sets of time standards - national time standards and Missouri Valley Conference time standards. 
  • National time standards - Go from B, BB, A, AA, AAA, AAAA with B being the slowest time and AAAA being the fastest cut.  B and BB are often used as qualifying times for Columbia.  AAA is a Zones cut.
  • MVC time standards - Go from District, Championship, Sectional with District being the slowest and Sectional the fastest cut.  District time standards are used at Winter Qualifier and the District meets.  Championship times are used at Winter Qualifier and the Championship meets.  Sectional time standards are used to qualify for the Sectional meet.
  • There are different time standards for Short Course and Long Course.  Short Course time standards are faster than the standards used for Long Course because of the difference in the lengths of the pools.
  • USA swimming motivational times are located here
  • Missouri Valley cuts are located here