Parking Info

Did you know that you need a Missouri State parking permit to use the lot across from the pool? You can also use the parking meters but make sure you have some extra change.

You can purchase an evening parking permit that will allow you in several Yellow lots after 4pm during the week and Saturday. Parking Permits use an academic calendar so the cost is $51 Fall/Spring Semester and $24 Summer Semester. You can  buy them for a year for $75.    
To purchase a permit you will need to go to the parking administration office on Cherry next to the Springfield Police Substation. They are open between 8-4:30 on Weekdays.   Identify yourself as a parent of a MSA swimmer, so you will not have to answer the class and semester questions from security.
Also this lot is closed when the Bears or Lady Bears have a home basketball game. There is a list of known basketball games at the top of the Calendar page.