Training Fees will be assessed when one or all of the listed swimmers participate one day in a practice or meet for that given month. No month will be “pro-rated” unless otherwise directed by Springfield Aquatics and/or its agents.

Bronze $90 per month
Silver $95 per month
Gold $100 per month
Senior 1 $115 per month                     
Senior 2 $130 per month


Exceptions and exclusions are as follows.

  1. High School Season– High school swimmers are not required to pay the monthly fees for 3 months while swimming for their high school. For men, no payment is required for September, October and November. For women, fees are waived for December, January and February.
  2. Summer Season ? If you swim during the summer you will be charged for all 3 months ? June, July, and August ?Those swimmers choosing not to swim during the summer months (June, July and August) may temporarily withdraw from the club without paying for those three months.?If, at any time, you choose to return to the club during the summer, all three months will be due and payable upon your return.?If you are withdrawing for the summer you must notify SPA of your intention via email to?[email protected]?by May 15th.

SPA and High School Swimming

The HS swimmer is placed on HS Leave during their HS Season. The swimmer remains an active member of SPA and with HS Coach's permission can attend practices and meets.

Registration - You must register during the registration period to remain a SPA member, If you do not register your account will be suspended and you are no longer an active SPA member

Dues during HS Season - Dues for HS Boys are waived for September, October and November. Dues for HS Girls are waived for December, January and February. HS Boys are required to pay for August.

Please be sure to email Thomas Baumann that you are going on HS Leave for Boys in August and Girls in November. Please also email when you plan to return return to SPA.

HS Girls if you indicate you are withdrawing and have not registered for the the new season your membership will be suspended instead of put on HS Leave.

Fundraiser - While on HS Leave you are still an active SPA member and therefore are required to participate in the FHC fundraiser of $50 per swimmer. If you are not swimming in the meet you are not required to volunteer.

Practices and Meets - While in HS swimming you can still practice with SPA and participate in meets. (Must have HS Coach's approval.)

Times made during HS Swimming - Two meets in swimming are observed by USA Swimming and can be used for entry into USA meets. These 2 meets are the SWMO Conference meet and the State meet. SPA will make arrangements to have all active team member's swims observed and entered into the USA Swimming database - SWIMS.

A reminder if you indicate a withdraw from the team instead of HS Leave your account will be suspended and your times will not be entered into SWIMS.

WITHDRAWING FROM THE CLUB- Permanent or Temporary

To permanently withdraw from Springfield Aquatics or to temporarily withdraw you must follow the guidelines listed below:

  • Please let your coach know you are withdrawing. This is NOT the only step!
  • Contact the club accountant, Patti Callaway via email at [email protected] and notify her of your intention 30 days before you plan from withdrawing.  You will be held responsible for monthly dues and usage fees until your notification has been received. 

  If you withdraw in the middle of the month, no partial month refunds are given.

For questions regarding withdrawing from the team or to start back up again, please contact [email protected]


Monthly fees are invoiced the 1st of each month on Team Unify. Automatic payments using Credit/Debit Cards or ACH are strongly encouraged and can be set up online.

You have the option to make on demand payments with a CC at any time during the month. A tutorial on using this feature can be found here.

Checks can be placed in the metal box at the pool or mailed to:

SPA c/o Patti Callaway
PO Box 1666
Ozark MO 65721


Account balances are expected to be paid by the 15th of the month. Invoiced fees not paid by the 15th will be charged a late fee of $10.00. Questions about your bill should be directed to Patti Callaway [email protected]


Annual SPA Registration: $150 per swimmer per year 

*This fee supports the administrative efforts of Springfield Aquatics, which includes website maintenance, monthly statement and informational mailings, team activities, computer upgrades, and other business related expenses. Each new swimmer  registering and paying the SPA registration fee will receive a Team T-shirt and team cap. This will also cover your USA Swimming annual registration fee. 



Fund-raising Commitment: $50 per swimmer per year**

Each SPA swimmer will have a $50 fund-raising obligation. An ad sale campaign for the Fall Halloween Classic is held in September and is one of the easiest ways for our team to raise the money we need to support our team.  If you do not raise the $50 per swimmer, your family account will be billed for the difference in November.

This money will be available for general swimmer “perks”, equipment, incentives, relay entries, travel expense and anything else that is necessary. Fund-raising will be due on October 1

*Fund-raising commitments do not apply to Prep Swimmers registering USA Swimming.


Meet fees will vary from time to time over the season. Meet fees range from $2.50-$3.50 per individual event. In some cases, a facility fee may also apply. In addition, there is also a coaches’ fee of $15.00 for meets. You will be billed for meet fees. Coaches’ fees are non-refundable.

Purpose of Coaching Fees: SPA will assess a coaching fee on a per swimmer per meet basis. The purpose of the coaching fees is to establish a fund to offset the costs for assistant coaches’ meet fees, and all coaches’ travel and lodging costs. The fee is set in a manner to offset the costs of all fees associated with coaches for both local and travel meets. The assessment is designed to cover the costs for coaches associated with meets where the team has a full roster and meets where the team has a reduced roster.

*If your account is not current your child will not be allowed to participate in meets. 


Parents are expected to volunteer their time during the SPA hosted meets. Hosting swim meets is one of the major club fundraisers. These events have host responsibilities necessary to run the meets [timers, officials, hospitality, etc.]. Club member assistance is crucial to successfully hosting these events. Member involvement at meets also provides the opportunity to meet other swim team families, get to know SPA team members, and show active support for your child’s swimming efforts.