Swim Meet Charts

Swimmers Race Charts 

At a USA swimming sanctioned meet, it’s rare to see a “bull-pen” where coaches get the swimmers to the bull pen and then workers at the meet bring each heat over to the blocks when it’s their turn to swim. While this is very common in recreational summer league swimming, in a competitive swim meet the swimmers are responsible for getting to the correct heat and lane in plenty of time for their race.  One good way to do that is to have them put the following chart on their arm or leg with a Sharpie before each meet:

E = Event

H = Heat

L = Lane

S = Stroke

The actual chart will then look like this:

E              H             L              S

2              2              5              200 Medley Relay

18           2              4              50 free

31           3              7              50 back

58           1              2              100 Breast

The information on the chart comes from the heat sheets for sale at each meet.  Swimmers should plan to be in line for their event well BEFORE their event.  For example, if your swimmer is in event 18, he should go down and get in line in his lane during event 16 or 17.  They will usually do a first and last call for swimmers in each event, but you can’t always hear the announcement.  It’s up to each swimmer and their parents to keep track of where they are in the events.