Getting Swim Times

Getting your Swimmer's Times 

Each race will have up to 4 times collected – one by the touch pad, one by the “plunger” and two by stop-watch.  More about timing can be found under the Parent Responsibility to Volunteer section.  The official time is not determined until the Meet Director reviews all 4 times for consistency.  Once times for an event are finalized, result sheets are posted on a wall somewhere by the pool.  If you are using the MeetMobile app on your smart phone, final times are posted once the event is closed. 

Do not rely on the time posted on the scoreboard right after the race – they are not always accurate.  For example, a swimmer finishes a 100 fly but at the very end reaches up and grabs the gutter instead of gliding into the touch pad.  The touchpad produces the time that displays on the scoreboard, but because the touchpad wasn’t hit the time just keeps running.  Eventually the swimmer hits the touchpad with his knee and the time stops, showing a very slow time.  When the Meet Director compares that time to the two stop-watch times and the plunger time, the discrepancy will be discovered.  A computer formula is then applied to the remaining three times to calculate a more accurate final time. 

What if the meet officials don’t catch the error?  If you think your swimmer’s time in a race is way off (like the example above), go talk with their coach.  The coach can go to the person running the timing system and have your swimmer’s race re-checked.  This happens more often than you might think, so it’s always good to keep a close eye on your swimmers times. 

A week or so after a swim meet, all times will be loaded into your account on the SPA website.