Senior Development

Senior Development- This level is intended to provide a training program for those athletes who cannot meet the attendance, commitment, and/or training requirement of the Elite program. Senior swimmers should attend 78% of workouts to see minimal improvement and find ways to communicate with the senior coach about their training schedule and desires. Attendance, however, is not mandatory. If a swimmer in this group qualifies for a Team Championship (Districts, Short Course and Long Course Champs), they should set a good example for the younger swimmers of the program and attend. Swimmers must be 13 years old to be considered. Head Coach will have final approval on appointment and exceptions. It is possible that there will be multiple ability and commitment levels within this group. It shall be the sole discretion of the head coach to assign lanes and curriculum within the group to preserve the integrity of the training environment. These assignments shall be determined by maturity, goals, commitment level (past and present) and physical attributes. Swimmers in this group who wish to dual participate during their high school season must pay $140 registration fee + $50 for 5 or less practices per month. Any more practices and the full monthly fee will be charged. 

Senior Development 9th grade and up or 13 years old 

  1. 1)  Standard: swimmers should be able to train moderately and be motivated to be competitive high school swimmers, be goal oriented and positive.
    2)  Focus: competitive development, technique/skill.
    3)  Strokework: emphasis on refining technique, turns and underwater speed, learn pacing
    and race strategy, stroke balance and moderate training .
    4)  Training: 60% training, 40% technical, train at 4,500-6,000 yards per workout, prepare
    for 200 stroke, 200 IM and 500 Free .
    5)  Goal Sets: 15x100 Free; 20x75 stroke
    6)  Objective: train to reach high school potential; work towards Championship and Zone
    times, prepare for college swimming.
    7)  Workouts: swimmers may attend 4 to 6 workouts per week (at least 1 AM workout is
    recommended). Meets are not required but strongly recommended. 

Goals and Expectations for the Senior Development Group: 

  1. Swimmer understands and performs personal race strategies and learns coping strategies.
  2. Swimmer demonstrates an ability to balance school, social, swimming and family 
  3. Swimmer can effectively communicate her/his commitment to her/his parent, coach and teammates.
  4. Swimmer learns to accept the responsibility for his/her performance/attendance and take ownership of their swimming and how it relates to meet performance. 
  5. Demonstrate healthy eating and sleeping habits and manage commitments. 
  6. Swimmer knows the team goals and will take an active part in developing specific and attainable practice, meet, and seasonal goals by engaging in the process of goal setting with verbal and written communication to the coach. 

Swimmers who are not at or near the time standard for a group may be considered to move up if they are extraordinary in other areas such as training ability, attendance, maturity and leadership. All senior swimmers, beyond these guidelines and objectives, are expected to demonstrate the highest level of character and integrity and move toward a leadership role on this and all teams in which they participate. 8th graders may be moved up if they meet the criteria for the senior group. This will be the coaches’ decision. Currently Senior Development will be practicing at Clayview Country Club primarily.

Senior Development Coach:  Tom Kleiboeker

Senior Development Coach: Kyle Martin