“This team shall be known for its hard work, determination, courage, motivation, excellence and a will to win. Let our team behave admirably, with integrity and sportsmanship. We believe in a sound mind, in a sound body and a spirit that is not afraid, and in clean sports that develop these qualities. We believe in honesty and truthfulness, without which we cannot win the respect and confidence of our fellow man. We Believe in Belief and we relish in Challenging the Moment.”

Elite - This level focuses on training and competitive efforts at the highest levels of USA Swimming including Regional and National competitions and athlete actions and goals reflect the mission statement of USA Swimming: to build, promote, and achieve competitive success at its highest level. Dual participation is highly encouraged but not mandatory. HS swimmers shall pay $50 per month if they attend 5 or fewer practices, over that limit will result in a full month's billing. Swimmers wishing to participate in Sectionals or Junior Nationals or above must participate in the Elite group. Additional practices may be added at coach’s discretion and do count towards attendance requirements. Ultimately, Elite Coach has full discretion for group appointments and entry is by invite only. Swimmers in this group train together in MO.

Elite – 9th grade and up or 13 years old, attendance goal 90% during active months

  1. Standard: swimmers should be fully committed to swimming at Sectional or National level and goal oriented; daily attendance/communication is required to be in the group; swimmers will be fully accountable in all aspects of leadership. HS swimmers may swim HS and are encouraged to dual participate. These swimmers should work out their participation with the Head Coach while participating with their HS Swim Team.
  2. Focus: training/leadership.
  3. Strokework: perfect technique, turn speed and underwater speed; develop pacing and race strategy.
  4. Training: 80% training, technical 20%, swimmers must be able to train aggressively at 5,000-9,000 yards per workout; develop stroke 200’s, 400 IM, and 500 or distance Free, participate in BOOST dryland.
  5. Goal Sets: 15x100 Free @1:15, 15x100 stroke, aggressive stroke rate training, T-30, Kick Series.
  6. Objective: work towards Sectional/Futures/National times; prepare for college swimming.
  7. Attendance: swimmers are expected to attend 7 to 9 workouts and ALL team effort meets, not counting excused absences. 

Criteria to remain in the Elite Group

  1. Actions and attitudes match goal of Elite level packet, which will be distributed.
  2. High School Swimmers must set up terms of participation with Head coach prior to practicing with their respective High Schools. Coach will consider all factors. 
  3. Active in club fundraising or clinics offered for younger team members.
  4. Must live lifestyle appropriate for achieving greatest personal success - Nutrition, no drugs or tobacco products.
  5. Swimmers arriving late will be counted against attendance.
  6. Willingness to perform every event (every distance) prescribed by Head Coach.
  7. Actively improve “Hidden Training”: (nutrition, sleep, psychological factors, massage, dryland, weights).

College swimmers are welcome to participate with Tsunami Swim Team Elite level – must get approval from Head Coach. Elite wil be practicing at Clayview Country Club primarily.


Elite Level Coach:  Tom Kleiboeker - MO