10 Reasons to Choose Us


10 Reasons why Team Swim Academy is the Program for YOUR Swimmer!


  1. Excellence! Team Swim Academy strives for excellence at every level of swimming!  From our youngest swimmers who are diligently working on their precise stroke technique to our more experienced swimmers who are working on their endurance, speed, and racing strategy, we meet the swimmer exactly where they are at and provide them the training at the level they need.


  1. The training pools available to our team! We are extraordinarily fortunate that our more experienced swimmers not only have a 25 yard pool indoors for short course season and inclement weather, but having daily access to a 50 meter pool to train in during long course season at the same facility is of enormous benefit to our swimmers.


  1. We work hard and we play hard!  There might be times that our swimmers leave feeling like they’ve had an exhausting workout but occasionally our coaches will throw in fun relays at the end of practice, or a quick game of water polo.  The Advanced Age Groupers and Seniors even been known from time to time to have a hysterical game of kick ball on the baseball diamond next to the training facility for part of practice!


  1. Friendships! Our coaches are not only leaders of the team but they are also friends with their swimmers’ families.  It is not at all unusual to see coaches and swim team families out to dinner locally after practice or while out of town at meets. Our swimmers also love to hang out together in and out of swimming, even if they don’t go to the same school. The relationships and bonds formed on our team are incredible!


  1. Mid-season additions!  For any new swimmer who needs to join our team during the season, we are flexible and can accommodate mid-season additions to the team.


  1. Flexible movement through the levels of the program!  Because of the smaller size of our team, our coaches develop a personal relationship with each swimmer and know their abilities inside and out.  There is never a “testing time” to see if a swimmer is ready for the next level.  Our coaches just know when that needs to happen.  If the swimmer needs a gradual switch from one group to the next spending a few days a week on one level and the rest in another level, that can be accomplished to ease the transition.  We want our swimmers to feel successful and confident in their abilities!


  1. FAST swimming!  Most of our high school aged swimmers compete for their high school team and many represent those teams at MSHSAA state swimming champs.  We have many district championship, Missouri Valley championship, and Region VIII Sectional swimmers.  In addition, we often send swimmers to All-Stars, Zones and National Club Swimming Association meets.


  1. Inclusiveness!  Our families pride themselves on being very inclusive of all families.  You always know that you have a friend to sit by at the meets by looking around at the families wearing team shirts and jackets, and at many meets we will have our team flag flying to notify people of where we are sitting.  We have fun team dinners and the families are really great at encouraging each other’s kids!   We know that success for all swimmers means success for the team as a whole, and our families wish success on all of the swimmers of our team as well as other teams.  Drama is not something our team participates in and our coaches have resolved to handle any potential drama swiftly and effectively.


  1. Excellent communication and accuracy of entries!  Our team leaders communicate the necessary details of meets and practices effectively.  And, you never have to worry that the entries you have chosen for your swimmer with your coach are going to be entered wrong.  Entries are done with precision and care and you are always given time to review the entry report before it is finalized so that there are no unfortunate surprises at the meets.


  1. Do as we say AND as we do!  It is not uncommon to see our coaches IN the water with our swimmers, particularly at the higher levels.  This allows our coaches to view underwater technique of the swimmers to make corrections on things they cannot see from the pool deck.  It also allows our coaches to notice when a swimmer needs to be pushed harder and allows for demonstration of various technique points by the coach.  Sometimes our coaches are in there pushing the limits of a particular swimmer by swimming in their lane and having the swimmer pace off of them. The swimmers love it!