Zones/All-Star Meets


What is Zones?

Zones is an even more competitive swim meet than Midwesterns. USA Swimming divides the country up into 4 Zones. We participate in the Midwest Zones. To compete at this level, a swimmer must obtain a AAA Time. A triple A time is determined by the USAS Committee. These time standards are listed under the MW Time Standards tab. Also, you can compare with how close your swimmer is to making these time under MY ACCOUNT > MY MEET RESULTS Section.

What is the All-Star Meet?

The All-Star Meet takes place in January. The top 5 swimmers in Midwesterns get to participate in this competitive meet. Also the swimmer must have obtained an A Time in this event.  (Please refer to 2009-2012 Motivational Times under MW Time Standards).  Please refer to the MW Time Standards tab SEARCHABLE DATABASE see where your athlete compares with the other swimmers.