New Parent Tips
  • Meet Sign Up: Team Unify.  Click the Attend/Decline.  Click swimmers name.  Choose a declaration in the drop down box.  In the notes you can write anything specific you want coach to see, or leave it blank.  You may suggest your swimmers events by choosing them at the bottom if you see them.  If you don’t see them listed, you will.  Just keep checking by hitting the Attend/Decline.  Note the max entries.  Make sure to save on bottom of that screen.

    Make note: suggesting your swimmers events is just that, a suggestion.  Coach will ultimately choose and may make changes.

  • For Home Meets you will note a Job Sign Up tab next to Attend/Decline.Please sign up for taking food to/working concessions, timing, meet set up, tear down.Timing really is the best seat in the house! The kids like to sit together in the hallway.They have coach oversight to not miss their events.The Parent Manual does encourage parents to bring a concession item AND sign up to volunteer.I understand when your kids are new (I was there very recently) and you want to be by them and make sure they have it all figured out.Eventually letting them sit with the team is great for bonding.You can then volunteer.You only have to volunteer at home meets so there is plenty of meet time to not be attached to the commitment.

  • MULITPLE DAY MEETS: You do not have to attend both/all days.  Refer to the Meet Sheet on Team Unify and look at the events per day on the last pages.  Look at the max entries per day as well.  You and your swimmer can decide what works best.  Note in the “notes” section of the sign up so their Coach is aware if you will only be going one day. You won’t want to sign up and forget the notes as your swimmer may get put in events for multiple days and you will be charged.

  • Meet Fees:  you will receive an email your fees per meet.   Meet Fees are also listed on each Meet Sheet.  Not all meets have a fee.

  • SWIM BULLETIN BOARD: Keep an eye on the board for the swim meet calendar and other information.  I (Liza) might put PICTURES OF YOUR SWIMMER ON THE BOARD AND THIS WEBSITE.  If you do not want your swimmer on the board or website, please let me know.

  • BE EARLY to meets!!!  If a meet starts at 8AM I usually try to get there by 715.  Spots fill up quickly.  Some pools have more deck space, some less. 

  • Pack chairs, coolers, snacks, extra suit, extra cap, extra goggles, sharpies, highlighters.

  • Take cash.This isn’t a must.I always take along $20 to every meet for snacks.Even though I suggest packing snacks…concession stand food is always more appealing than what mom or dad packs.Read/Print your meet sheets from Team Unify.There may be information regarding vendors selling shirts and such.A few meets offer personalization stations for hoodies and tees. Some meets have full out swim vendors with suits, goggles, tees, caps, bags, stickers, etc.

  • Because you are early to the meet you will have time to buy a Heat Sheet, highlight events, and get your swimmer sharpie marked. Mark your swimmers arm, thigh, or wherever they will see best with EHLS:Event, Heat, Lane, Stroke.Similar to:

E (Event #)

H (Heat)

L (Lane)

S (Stroke




50 Free




100 IM

The IM order is Fly, Back, Breast, Free .  If it’s a Medley Relay it’s Back, Breast, Fly, Free.  If they are in a Medley Relay I right the stroke they swim next to IM, like Medley Relay: Fly. Often the kids will pick their place in a relay with their coaches’ approval.  You might verify their spot beforehand or remind then to ask their relay group and/or coach.

  • Know that a heat win is different than winning the entire event.If your swimmer wins their heat, awesome!!Just make sure they know that may not automatically equal a ribbon because there may be 10 heats of the same event and they have to beat all of the swimmers in that heat to make 1st.

  • DQ’s:  DQ’s happen…to every swimmer.  Please prepare your kids for a DQ and let them know that a DQ just gives them an opportunity to learn how to correctly swim their stroke.  A DQ will result in no time for them on the results sheet.  Even experienced swimmers DQ.  The Officials raise their hands when they see a DQ but it’s hard to know which swimmer they are looking at so never assume until the results are out.

  • Mobile Apps:  Meet Mobile is a great app to download.  Check it out.  There is an option to pay; it’s about $5 per year.  On Deck is another app. 

  • Swim Outlet gives a portion of the sales to the team if you go from the Team Unify App to log in.This is the only place I shop for swim stuff.You can buy Goggles at The YMCA front desk, Dicks, Hibbets, and Sporting Edge if you need them in a hurry.

  • Midwestern’s:  you can access the Midwestern Swimming site from a tab on the home page.  This is a great place to learn about time standards, zones, and all other sorts of things.  You can also follow links under the MW Time Standards Tab.  The standards are what a swimmer follows if they have a goal of making a Midwestern Championship Meet. 

  • Like our Facebook page for info and updates.

  • Lastly…most importantly….HAVE FUN!!!Let your swimmers enjoy the sport.Let their Coach be their Coach so you can enjoy watching them do what they love. J