Age Group Team/Bronze

Age Group Team

From the ThunderSharks, athletes move into Age Group Team. Athletes in this group focus on continued refinement of all 4 competitive strokes, having fun, perfecting star/turn technique and introducing longer aerobic swimming and kicking during practice. This group begins to developing personal goal sheets, further understanding of drag forces, nutrition for athletes, perfecting underwater dolphin kick (the 5th stroke) and underwater pullouts for breaststroke.

Age Group Team Lead Coach: Melanie

Age Group Team Assistant Coaches:Jacob, Sam T.


Practice Sessions: M-F, 90 Minutes, 2 Days 30 Minutes of Dry-land

HLA recommends a minimum of 3 practices/week and 1 meet a month in this group.


Bronze Group

Bronze group works closely with the Silver Group and is the next level at HLA. Athletes in this group have the same focus points as Silver in addition to more extensive aerobic swimming and kicking sets.

HLA recommends a minimum of 4 practices/week and 1 meet a month in this group.


Bronze Lead Coach: Eric



Practice Sessions: M-F, 90 Minutes, 2 30 Minutes of Dry-land sessions per week

HLA requires a minimum of 60% attendance per week and recommneds 1 meet a month in this group.


Age Group Team and Bronze Group:

HLA requires that all swimmers have the following items for practice and meets, as outlined below:
• 2 or more jammers or briefs
• 2 or more one-piece suits
All swimmers:
• 2 or more practice caps
• 2 or more HLA swim meet caps (these are different from practice caps and worn only at competition)
• One kickboard
• 2 sets of goggles
• Pull Buoy
• Water bottle


• Dry-land Apparel: T-Shirt, Shorts, Tennis Shoes, Hair Tie (for long hair) and Water Bottle 

It is not necessary to purchase additional items such as flippers, etc., until your child is promoted to Junior team. You may, however, wish to purchase a mesh bag or backpack for your swimmer to carry their gear. If you have questions about which gear to purchase for your swimmer, just ask a coach!