HYAC Registration

    2019 - 2020 Short Course season sign-up is now open! 

  •     There will be a new swimmer day- to be announced
  •  We offer a  2 week trial period with the team. For the trial period you are required to pay the USA Swimming athlete registration fee ( for insurance/liability purpose) .  Your payment is due at first practice and will be held for 2 weeks.  If your swimmer decides not to continue after the 2 week trial, this will be returned. 
  • If you are joining the team, please ask for, complete and return to Coach Charles Coach Whitney, or Team Treasurer/ Registrar Neil Heckman  the following:
  1. HYAC Registration form
  2. Medical Release Form
  3. HYAC Code of Conduct 
  4. USA Swimming Athlete Registration Application
  5. Copy of Swimmer's Birth Certificate for Midwestern Swimming age verification 
  6. Team fees as established for the season. The fees depend on the practice group level and are subject to change as the swimmers move up and per season. 

    The Swimmer is required to have a YMCA membership to be member of the team. 

   Hastings Waterpark ( Aquacourt)  membership is encouraged for the Long Course season.