National Team

National Team
This is MAC's elite training group.  Any swimmer who has a USA Swimming National Meet Qualifying Standard (Sectionals, US Open, Juniors, Senior National Champs or at least 3 NSAA automatic cuts). 90% practice attendance is required (over 2 weeks). If attendance is not met, the swimmer is moved down to Senior 2 until attendance standard is met.  More workouts are offered as well as more travel meets are available.  

Group promotions based on coachability, attitude, performance, and discretion of the coaching staff


-Bag to hold the gear (large mesh bag)

-Snorkel - Finis Swimmers Swim Snorkel

-Pull Buoy (any)

-Kickboard (any)

-Small Training Paddles - Speedo Nemesis Contour Paddles - (no large / flat paddles!)

-Fins: Speedo Short Blade Training Swim Fins OR TYR CrossBlade 2.0 (no full-size fins!)

-Parachute Sporti or Finis

-Water Bottle

-Dryland Clothes

-Optional: noseclip (for backstrokers)