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We currently have a waiting list for the fall of 2020.    Fall registration for returning swimmers will open on August 1st and must be completed by August 23rd to reserve a practice spot.  If you neglect to complete the online registration by this date, your reserved practice spot may be forfeited to those on the current waiting list.  We strongly urge you to complete this process as soon as possible.  Just click on the "Start Registration" tab on the upper left side of the MAC homepage and follow the steps.  It is quite simple and only takes a few minutes.  If you have NOT participated in an official tryout, please DO NOT utilize the on-line registration.  This system is only for returning members and those who have completed a tryout.  

You must have a signed MAC Liability Waiver and copy of either a passport, military ID, or birth certificate to participate in a tryout - sorry, no exceptions.  If you do not have proper paperwork, your child will not be allowed to participate in a tryout.   The tryout liability waiver can be found under our Forms & Information tab. 

Remember, our minimum entry level requirement is that a candidate be able to swim 25 yards unassisted using one of the four competitive strokes.  By actually observing your child in the water, we are better able to place them in an entry level group.  We will always judge on the conservative side so as to not place them initially in a group that may be too advanced!  We would much rather "move up" a swimmer than ever have to be in a position to move a swimmer down.  So as big a fan as you might be of your swimmer, please understand our philosophy in placing your child in his/her first practice group.  Thanks!   

     NEW &/OR PROSPECTIVE SWIMMING PARENTS:  The following are some general practice guidelines: 

  • If you need to talk to a coach, please do so only before or after the scheduled practice time(s).  Once practice starts, all attention will be directed to the swimmers.  

  • All parents/spectators must be in the bleachers at all times - this will be strictly enforced!  Please, nobody on deck during practice (even during practice overlap times due to deck congestion).  You will be asked to leave and practice will be stopped if this policy can not be adhered to.

  • "Mentor" families are available to answer any questions for new folks.  These names and numbers are available upon request.   

  • It is also very important that children be picked up immediately after the scheduled practice time.  The locker rooms are not a playground!

  • Inappropriate behavior in the locker room will result in that privilege being removed and possibly removal from the Millard Aquatic Club (see bottom of Financial Information).  Behavior that may jeopardize our access to such great facilities WILL NOT be tolerated.

  • Children that continually take time away from the rest of the group for any reason may be removed from practice and parents/guardians may be contacted to pick up the child.  

  • Our coaches have families to get home to as well.  They will leave the pool(s) 15 minutes after the end of practice.  At this point, your children are again your responsibility.

  • With all the new faces and 2-week trial members, the first few weeks are very hectic around the pool.  Your cooperation with the above matters is greatly appreciated!!

The coaches are excited about working with your children and hope to make your experience in swimming a ’’family fun’’ event!     

REMINDER:  All potential members MUST have a copy of one of the following before being allowed to tryout:  1) state issued birth certificate, 2)passport, or 3) valid military ID.  All forms needed for new, returning, or transferring athletes are available on our "Financial" page. 

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