Elected Athlete Reps

Midwestern Swimming
Elected Athlete Representatives Information

Nominations due by February 29, 2020

*Nomination for Junior Athlete Representative to Midwestern Board of Directors
*Each club may submit one nomination for Junior Athlete Representative - clubs have received their nomination ballot
*At the time of election/appointment, the Athlete Representative must
(a) be an athlete member in good standing;
(b) be at least a sophomore in high school or at least 16 years of age,
(c) be currently competing, or have competed within the three (3) immediately preceding years,
in the program of swimming conducted by MWS or another LSC;
(d) have his or her place of permanent residence in the Territory and expect to reside therein throughout
at least the first half of the term (other than periods of enrollment in an institution of higher education).
*Before submitting any athlete for the position, be sure you have athlete and athlete's parent approval,
know that athlete is able to attend the USAS Convention in September and
have athlete understanding that attendance at BOD and HOD is part of the job description
*Nomination form will be open February 5-29, 2020
*Election (by online ballot) will be open March 10-31
(a) One vote per club.
(b) Each club will solicit votes from their athletes, age 13 and over.
(c) The Junior Athlete Representative elected shall be determined by a majority of the club votes submitted.

Athlete Representative Job Description
1. Serve as liaison between athletes and BOD and HOD and undertake activities in best interest of athletes and sport of swimming
2. Two representatives attend the USA Swimming Convention. Senior Athlete Rep votes at Convention
3. Senior Athlete Rep chairs the Athletes Committee
4. Senior Athlete Rep facilitates with Senior Vice-Chair the elections for Junior Athlete Rep. Nominations and voting to be done electronically and take place prior to the MW Spring HOD meeting.
5. Senior Athlete Rep is a member of the Executive Committee and Budget Committee
6. Representatives serve as members of various Board of Director standing committees as appointed by General Chair
7. All athlete representatives serve a two-year term, with a Junior Athlete elected every year, and the athlete serving the second year becoming the Senior Athlete Representative.