Apptd. Athlete Reps

Appointment Application due by February 1, 2016


The MWS House of Delegates meets twice a year and it is important to have At-Large Athlete members as part of this meeting to be actively involved in the LSC governance and be an additional voice for all the MWS athletes.  The Athlete At-Large House of Delegates Members together with the Board of Directors and Athlete Representatives will constitute at least 20% and up to 25% of the voting membership of the House of Delegates.

Athletes wishing to be considered for an appointment as an Athlete At-Large House of Delegates member for a one year appointment need to email the application to the General Chair by February 1, 2016  Athlete At-Large House of Delegates members will be appointed by the General Chair, with advice and consent of the elected athlete representatives, by the MWS Short Course Championship meet.

What does an Athlete At-Large House of Delegates Member Do?

●     Represents the opinions, ideas, and thoughts of swimmers in the LSC.  Be a voice of the athletes at the
       House of Delegates Meeting.

●     Attends and participates in MWS Spring and Fall House of Delegates meetings

●     Is allowed to vote during meetings

●     Is a member of the Athletes Committee and may also be appointed to additional MWS committees​

●     Athlete At-Large members may be appointed to the Board of Directors as needed to meet the requirement 
       of 20% athlete representation of the Board.  

What does it take to be an At-Large House of Delegates Member?

●     Someone who can share and explain ideas and opinions well

●     Is passionate and caring about swimming

●     Is interested in what governs the sport of swimming

●     Wants to improve their LSC and the sport of swimming

Who can apply for an appointment as an At-Large House of Delegates Member?

●     Athletes must be an annually registered athlete in good standing

●     Athletes must be at least 16 years of age or at least a sophomore in high school

●     Athletes must be currently competing or have competed during the three immediately preceding years in the
       program of swimming conducted by MWS or another LSC

●     Athletes must have his or her place of residence in the LSC and expected to reside therein throughout at
       least of first half of the term (other than periods of enrollment in an institution of higher education)

How to apply?

●     Submit an appointment application (link to application) to Dawn Bowen, General Chair by February 1, 2016  [email protected]