MW Officers

Midwestern Officers

Updated September 10, 2021

Board Officers – Voting Members

General Chair


Betsy Purcell (2022)

Stefanie Martinez (2023)

Omaha NE 68144

Omaha NE 68046



Administrative Vice Chair

Finance Chair

Toby Rees (2022)

Tony Storer (2022)

Papillion, NE 68046

Lincoln NE 68526



Senior Vice Chair

Senior Athlete Representative

Jimmy Parmenter (2022)

Diana Brailita (2022)

Omaha NE 68102

Lincoln NE



Age Group Vice Chair

Junior Athlete Representative

Emma McEntarffer (2023)

Drayton Beber (2023)

Lincoln NE 68506

Omaha NE



Coach Representative

Athlete At Large

Katherine Anglin (2022)

Michael Sambula-Monzalvo (2022)

Omaha NE 68116

Grand Island NE



Safe Sport (appointed)

Secretary (Staff-non-voting)

Aidan Cho (2022)

Betty Kooy

LaVista NE 68128

Hastings NE 68901



Delegate At Large

Delegate At Large

Jeff Nelson (2022)

Docker Hartfield (2023)

Omaha NE 68114

Omaha NE 



Non-Voting BOD Member (with HOD voting)


Registration Chair (appointed)

Technical Chair

Scot Sorensen (2023)

Erica Storms (2023)

Waterloo NE 68069

Omaha NE



Officials Chair

Operational Risk Chair

Debra Pearson (2023)

Lori Howard (2023)

Council Bluffs IA 51503

Lincoln NE 68504



Governance Committee Chair (Appt)

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion Chair (Appt)

Carol Olson

Thor Larson

Papillion NE 68133

Omaha NE 68115



HOD Athletes At Large

Committee Assignment

Grace Thiltgen (Elkhorn)


Isabelle Berlin (Omaha)


Ashton Bailey (Lincoln)

Safe Sport

Emily Licht (Sioux City)

Safe Sport

Lily Cunningham (LaVista)

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion

Hannah Hailu (Omaha)

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion





Midwestern Committees


Executive Committee

Administrative Review Committee

Betsy Purcell

Bill Haney (2022)

Toby Rees

Dan Brailita (2022)

Jimmy Parmenter

Gary Olson (2022)

Emma McEntarffer


Tony Storer


Katherine Anglin


Diana Brailita (Athlete)


Betty Kooy (Ex Officio)






Sanction Committee

Governance Committee (Appointed)

Betsy Purcell

Toby Rees (2021)

Toby Rees

Nikki Schliegelmilch (2022)

Jimmy Parmenter

Carol Olson - Chair (2023)

Emma McEntarffer

Grace Thiltgen (2022 – athlete)

Jay Thiltgen


Katherine Anglin  

Diana Brailita (athlete)


Maris Grabill (athlete)


Betty Kooy (Ex Officio)




Finance Committee

Officials Committee

Tony Storer

Debra Pearson, Chair (2023)

Stefanie Martinez

Bill Haney (2023)

Betsy Purcell

Dan Brailita (2021)

Toby Rees

Jack Zimmerman (2022)

HOD member

Jim Hall (2021)

Athlete Member

Lori Howard (2022)


Brenda Dankert (2023)


Athlete Member



Appointments by General Chair with consent of the Board of Directors