MW Registration

 Midwestern Registration Information

Requirements: All athletes, coaches, officials, and other non-athletes directly involved with swimmers are required to be current members of USA Swimming.

Non-athlete card policy - beginning September, 2014 (Reg year 2015)

USA Registration Cards - Digital Card Access instructions

Updated - 04-11-17: FAQ for Coach Member Requirements

STSC Skills Sheet

All non-athletes are required to have a Background Check (links found on the USA Swimming website) and to have taken the online Athlete Protection Training course on the USA Swimming website.

Midwestern Membership Chair: Scot Sorensen
Current Midwestern Fees for membership:
Premium Athlete - $68.00 - for 2019
Flex Athlete - $14.00 - for 2019 - can swim only two (2) meets
      Upgrade to Premium  - $54.00)
Non-Athlete - $68.00 - for 2019
Seasonal Athlete - $37.00 - for 2019
Club - $200.00; $300.00 after January 1
         January meet hosts - $300 if after December 1
         (also by December 1 for Jan hosts - meet director, referee, admin)
Forms that are Fill-In forms need to be downloaded/saved in order to complete.
Forms for MW Registration Forms for Club Registrars
Athlete Forms 2019 MW Registration Policy Manual - PDF
 Premium Athlete Registration Form - Word Flex Registration FAQ
 Premium Athlete Registration Form - Spanish Safe Sport Document - Word
   Flex Registration Form     Transmittal of Funds Form - (xls)
    Outreach Registration Form - Word      Transmittal of Funds Form - (pdf)
    Outreach Registration Form - Spanish  
    Seasonal Registration Form- Word     
    Seasonal Registration Form - Spanish  
   Athlete Transfer Form - PDF
    Athlete Transfer Form - Word Doc

     Club Registration Form
     Club Registration Form - PDF -

    Outreach Meet Fee Policy      Club Portal Reports
    Outreach Meet Fee Reimbursement Form    
Non-Athlete Forms     Registration using Hy-Tek Team Manager
    Non-Athlete Form - Word      Registration using TeamUnify
    Non-Athlete Member Checklist  
Apprentice Official Registration Form  

The Word athlete/non-athlete documents are fillable.

The pdf registration forms fillable for ease of completion. Save the form and then the typewriter tool will be available.