MW BOD Nominations

Thank You Outgoing Board of Director Members and Representatives!

Elections for these positions will take place at the Midwestern Swimming House of Delegates meeting in Omaha at Brownell Talbot School on Sunday, April 7, 2019 (Time TBA).

It is our very great pleasure on behalf of the membership of Midwestern Swimming to thank the outgoing Board of Director members and representatives for their dedication and commitment to our LSC!  We appreciate their hard work and commitment to building a strong and thriving swimming community.   Their stewardship has been characterized by innovative ideas, strategic thinking and, most valuable, their tireless efforts to increase the credibility and visibility of Midwestern Swimming. The resulting goodwill has become a huge asset to us, and the relationships they have fostered with our supporters and partners insures that Midwestern Swimming will continue to inspire passion within our local swim clubs, coaches, and athletes to achieve excellence.  Their energy and devotion to their roles will be difficult to match.  We look forward to their ongoing involvement in the great sport of swimming!

Current (outgoing/expiring) Board member (position):

Sean Froemming (Age Group Chair)
Stefanie Martinez (Treasurer)*
Scot Sorensen (Registration)*
Jimmy Parmenter (Technical)*
Betsy Purcell (Officials)
Starre Haney (Operational Risk)
Louie Balogh (At Large)
Brinker Harding (At Large)
Toby Rees (At Large)*
* Eligible for re-election

Invitation To Lead!

The positions below become available on September 1, 2019.  Midwestern Swimming is seeking a broad representation of leaders from throughout the Midwestern LSC to fill these positions.  Elections for these positions will take place at the Midwestern Swimming House of Delegates meeting in Omaha at Brownell Talbot School on Sunday, April 7, 2019

Nomination Form -

Age Group Chair
Operational Risk
Delegate at Large (2 positions)
Administrative Review Board  (1 NATH, 1 ATH)


The Bylaws of Midwestern Swimming are being redone in accordance with the adoption of the new LSC Bylaws by USA Swimming. Until those bylaws are fully implemented, MW will elect current positions and transition to the new BOD and HOD structure as necessary as terms expire for BOD members.

The Board of Directors work collectively within the organization to ensure the success of existing and future programming. Board positions are for a two (2)-year term.  Description of the available positions are listed below.  Policies relating to election can be found in the current Midwestern bylaws and Midwestern policies and procedures

We invite you to nominate yourself or other individuals for these Board positions. Please complete the online nomination form which will be shared with the nominating committee. 
Nominations need to be received prior to March 10, 2019.

It is important to note that Board of Director members must be members of USA Swimming and Midwestern Swimming in order to serve on the Midwestern Swimming Board of Directors. This link will take you to the MW registration page where you can find registration information and the non-athlete application for membership. Current cost of membership if $68.00.  Elected officers must be registered by September 1, 2019.

Thank You!

2018-2019 MW Swimming Nominating Committee
Jimmy Parmenter (
Lisa Ellis (
Stefanie Martinez (
Betsy Purcell (
Marti Walstad (athlete)            


Below are several highlights from Midwestern Swimming Red Book regarding nominations/election. Additional information relating to election can be found in the Midwestern Bylaws and Midwestern Policies and Procedures.

Limitations - No more than three (3) members or coaches of any Club Member, Association of Club Members or Organization shall serve on the Board of Directors at any time. This limitation shall be applied separately as to Athlete Members and other Individual Members. Elected Athlete Representatives shall not be affiliated with the same Club Member or Association of Club Members.
Consecutive Terms Limitations - Except for the Secretary, Treasurer, and Membership/Registration Coordinator, no Individual Member who has been to the Board of Directors and served four successive years shall be eligible for re-election to the same position until a lapse of two years. A portion of any term served to fill a vacancy in the position shall not be considered in the computation of this successive terms limitation.
Publication of Nominations - Nominations by the Nominating Committee shall be published by distributing a slate of candidates together with the positions for which they have been nominated to each member of the House of Delegates and to each Group Member not less than twenty (20) calendar days prior to the election. This notice may be combined with the notice of the meeting pursuant to Section 4.15.1 where convenient. See Section 16.1.5 for the methods which may be used for the distribution.

Midwestern Swimming Board of Director Position Descriptions

The full description of these positions can be found on Midwestern Swimming’s
Website under the MW Info tab “Red Book”.

The Age Group Vice-Chair shall Chair and have general charge of the affairs and property of the Division that develops and conducts the age group swimming program of MWS.

The Treasurer shall be the principal receiving and disbursing officer of MWS.  Except as otherwise directed by the Finance Vice-Chair or the Board of Directors, the Treasurer shall receive all moneys, incomes, fees and other receipts of MWS and pay all bills, salaries, expenses and other disbursements approved by an authorized officer, committee chair, the Budget and Finance Committee, the Board of Directors or the House of Delegates, or required to be paid pursuant to Section 10.3.12. When authorized by the Board of Directors, income and expenses may be received and paid by a division, officer, or committee, provided that the division, officer or committee promptly submits to the Treasurer an itemized report, duly attested by the division, officer, or committee chair and either within the approved budget of such division, officer, or committee, or authorized by the Board of Directors or the House of Delegates. The Treasurer shall be a member of the Finance Committee but may not be its Chair. The Treasurer shall issue a monthly report listing the current budget variances by line item, all receipts, all expenditures and the current fund and account balances for the preceding month and for the fiscal year to date, together with such other items as the Budget and Finance Committee, the General Chair or the Board of Directors may direct. The Treasurer shall also provide current monthly bank account statements to the General Chair.

The Membership/Registration Coordinator shall be responsible for the registration of Group and Individual Members and shall make the reports required by Section 8.6, together with such additional reports as may be required by USA Swimming, the Board of Directors or the Administrative Vice-Chair. There will be monetary compensation for the registration/membership function.

The Technical Planning Chair shall Chair, and have general charge of the business, affairs and property of the Technical Planning Committee, which is responsible for long-range planning regarding the swimming programs conducted by MWS, the continuing review and development of the MWS philosophy and for advising other committees and divisions regarding the implementation of that philosophy in the context of MWS's swimming programs.

The Officials Chair shall Chair the Officials Committee which shall be responsible for recruiting, training, certifying and supervising officials for MWS. The Officials Chair shall assign key officials for the MWS championship meets and shall coordinate the assigning of observers for the high school state and conference championship meets. The Officials Chair shall be a referee certified by MWS and each member of the Officials Committee shall be a certified official of MWS.

The Operational Risk Chair shall be responsible for coordinating safety enhancement and training opportunities as needed and for the dissemination of USA Swimming operational risk education information to all Group Members, athletes, coaches, and officials of MWS. The Operational Risk Chair shall develop safety education programs and policies for MWS and make recommendations regarding same, and the implementation thereof, to the Administrative Vice-Chair and the Board of Directors. The Operational Risk Chair shall make the reports required pursuant to Section 8.7.

In addition to their inherent powers and duties as members of the Board of Directors, the At-Large Board Members shall have such powers and duties as may be delegated to them by the MWS Policies and Procedures Manual, the General Chair, the Board of Directors or the House of Delegates.

Hears complaints, protests and appeals regarding the administration and conduct (including acts and failure to act) of the sport of swimming in the Territory, conduct that may violate the USA Swimming Rules and Regulations and Code of Ethics or otherwise violate the policies, procedures, rules and regulations adopted by USA Swimming or MWS, or conduct that may bring USA Swimming, MWS or the sport of swimming into disrepute.

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