Meets for 2017-2018

Short Course Meets 2017-2018

Date(s) Name Who Should Attend Location Results
9/30 Intersquad Meet All Swimmers Fort Dix, NJ  
10/7-10/8 GPAC Oktoberfest A/BB/C All 9 & Over GCIT (Sewell, NJ)  
10/15 STRM Developmental All 10 & Under Fort Dix, NJ  
10/28 SJAC Mini All 8 & Under NLAC (Voorhees, NJ)  
11/4-11/5 STRM November A/BB/C All 9 & Over (mandatory volunteer meet) Fort Dix, NJ  
11/18 SJAC Mini All 8 & Under NLAC (Voorhees, NJ)  
12/1-12/3 STAR Triad Tropic Sr II, Sr. I, Junior GAC (Greensboro, NC)  
12/9-12/10 STRM Winter Meet A/BB/C and Mini All swimmers (mandatory volunteer meet) GCIT  
1/20-1/21 GPAC January A/BB/C and Mini All swimmers GCIT  
2/3 TWAC Mini All 8 & Under Riverwinds (West Deptford, NJ) Results
2/10-2/11 STRM February A/BB/C All 9 & Over (mandatory volunteer meet) Fort Dix, NJ Results
3/1-3/4 MA Junior Olympics Qualifying Times York, PA  
3/10-3/11 MA Bronze Champs 9-14 (slower than Silver Champs) North Penn HS, PA Results
3/17-3/18 MA Mini Champs All 8 & under LaSalle University Results
3/22-3/25 EZ Sectionals Qualifying Times Christiansburg, VA  
3/23-3/25 MA Silver Champs Qualifying Times GCIT Results
3/28-3/31 MA Senior Champs Qualifying Times York YMCA, PA  

Long Course Meets 2017

Date(s) Names Who Should Attend Location
5/3-5/5 May LC Meet All GCIT
6/TBD June LC Meet All TBD
6/16 Intersquad Meet All Fort Dix Indoor Pool
7/12-7/15 MA LC Senior Champs Qualifying Times Bucknell
7/14-7/16 MA LC Silver Champs Slower than JO/Sr Champs GCIT
7/20-7/23 MA LC Junior Olympics Qualifying Times Franklin & Marshall
7/25 Intersquad Meet/Picnic All Fort Dix Outdoor Pool