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The Legend of the Angry Tuna

Back in 2001, Ken was given a t-shirt as a present from his niece , who was swimming on the team at the time. Strange t-shirts are sort of a hobby for Ken and this one fit right in. The t-Shirt was from a bar in Hawaii. The name of the bar was the “Ugly Tuna Saloona.” It advertised warm beer and lousy food. That Ugly Tuna soon morphed into the Angry Tuna as a mascot because for one thing the team was way too good looking to be considered ugly. And second, the Tuna is the fastest fish in the sea which made it appealing.

Well known graphic artist Bill Rieser took that mascot and designed not only our big “N” logo, but also the Angry Tuna that lives on to this day. Our Tuna is a timeless piece of art denoting the idea that while we take our swimming seriously, we still know that ultimately it's a really fun thing to do.