Platinum & Platinum Plus- Advanced                                                                      

Like Silver, this group is designed to meet the needs of experienced competitive swimmers who have a desire to reach the top level of the sport.  These swimmers are skilled athletes who still need to improve their overall level of swimming. This group focuses on how to train correctly. Swimmers will learn how to do different types of sets at the right speed/pace. Time will be spent on perfecting technique in all 4 strokes and trying to maximize distance per stroke. Setting goals, and how practicing at 100% relates to achieving those goals will be emphasized. A focus of this group is to prepare for local meets, Junior Olympics, Far Westerns, Zone Championships and more. Swimmers are expected to attend 4 practices a week while working towards 5-6 practices a week.

Additional Information

* 11 years and up

* Offered 5-8 days a week     *$120 per month 

* Typical workout duration: 1 hr. 45 minutes- 2 hours (AM practices 1:30 to 2 hr)

* Typical Yardage: 6,000-7,500 for PM practices / 2-3 AM practices each week 5,000-5.500 / Saturday

   practices 2.5 hours 7,000-7,800 yards

*Recommended 30 minute dry land workout- up to 2 days a week

* Typical dry land workout: stretching, push-ups, sit-ups, resistance bands, medicine balls, running, squats, core strengthening

Required Equipment: cap, goggles, fins, water bottle, pull buoy, stroke maker paddles, mesh bag

Optional Equipment: Front mount snorkel, Mono fin

Please contact us at [email protected] for practice times.