Swim School

NCA offers beginning instruction to swimmers, age 5-12, who are beginner swimmers who are not comfortable in the water, and lack the techniques.  All swimmers will learn the fundamentals of swimming while gaining confidence in the water. Class sizes are kept small for an optimal learning experience. All levels of our swim team, including Lesson groups are considered part of the NCA Swim Team. 

Novice Group

Try Us Out/ Required Evaluation & Placement

Novice Program Information
The Novice Program is a pre-competitive swim team group for children between the ages of 4-12*, designed as a transition from swimming lessons into the world of competitive swimming.  The focus will be placed on teaching Freestyle and Backstroke through the use of drills and motor skills, improving kicking technique and learning body and head position and balance in the water. Progress in this group will be measured on developing skills and technique rather than on speed in the water.

Minimum Age:
*Must be 5 years old
: Currently not offered.

Duck Pond 1 *Must have willingness to enter the water - NCA NO LONGER teaches this group. Private/Semi lessons recommended before team lessons or our Summer League Program.

Duck Pond 2 *Must be able to submerge comfortably under the water  - NCA NO LONGER teaches this group. Private/Semi lessons recommended before team lessons or our Summer League Program.

Duck Pond 3 *Able to swim around comfortably without assistance and float on front / back. Demonstrate Freestyle cross Duck Pond. Some Backstroke required.

Group Objective: Learn freestyle & backstroke through the use of drills and motor skills and develop competitive swimming base skills of breath control, balance, body position in the water and kicking.

Little Dragons- Intermediate lessons

This intermediate Lesson group builds on the skills of balanced body position and breath control with further emphasis on full stroke development. Swimmers focus on building strong kicks for Freestyle and Backstroke with and without kick boards, and increasing kicking speed and endurance. Freestyle arm pull, side breathing, and breathing patterns are introduced and further developed. Backstroke arm pull and rotation are introduced and further developed. Dolphin kick is developed, and Breaststroke kick is introduced. Streamlining and beginning diving are introduced. This group is taught with the Coach both on deck, and in the water, with the swimmers.

* 5-10 years old

* Offered 4 days a week     *$90 per month / 2 Days a week $70 per month / 3 days per week $80 

* Typical lesson duration: 30 minutes

* Maximum class size: 6-8

Try-out Standards

·       Comfortable in deep water where feet cannot touch

·       Water safe under Coach’s supervision

·       Ability to float front and back, minimum of 10 seconds

·       Ability to kick with board independently (2 laps)

·       Beginning Backstroke

·       Beginning Freestyle with face in the water

Required equipment: Goggles and a snug fitting swimsuit

Suggested additional equipment: swim cap, extra goggles, long blade floating swim, mesh bag


White Dragons- Advanced lessons

This advanced Lesson group focuses on teaching swimmers correct Freestyle and Backstroke through drills and full stroke practice. Kicking is emphasized and endurance and speed are improved. A legal Dolphin kick is fully developed and beginning Butterfly is introduced. A legal Breaststroke kick is fully developed and Breaststroke is introduced. Streamlining and dives are taught, and racing starts and finishes are introduced. This group prepares swimmers to move up to Blue group and begin swimming at the team level, as well as enter their first swim meet.  This group is taught with the Coach on the deck, and on occasion in the water with the swimmers.

* 5-12 years old

* Offered 5 days a week

* Typical lesson duration: 45 minutes     *$70-$90 per month

* Maximum class size: 8-10

Try-out Standards

·       Swimmer has good listening skills, and is confident in deep water

·       Beginning Freestyle with face in the water, some side breathing (2 laps)

·       Beginning Backstroke with arm pull (2 laps)

·       Correct flutter kick, some knowledge of dolphin and breaststroke kicks

·       Willingness to learn diving

Required equipment: goggles, swim cap, snug fitting swimsuit, long blade floating swim fins

Suggested equipment: extra goggles, mesh equipment bag

Please contact us at [email protected] for practice times.